Halloween Story: Lessons from the Haunted Room

The Haunted Room

I have a ghost story – perfect for Halloween. This past summer in August, I went on a solo trip to Colorado to attend a festival. While I was there, I bought a small chocolate bar with 10 mg of THC (cannabis/marijuana). My intention with the plant medicine was to relax and maybe receive spiritual transformation or insight.

For the last two nights of my trip, I decided to stay in a hotel (instead of camping). I looked on Expedia and chose the closest one to the festival. According to information online, I found out the hotel was haunted (especially Room #2).

The hotel dates back to 1905. The owner and his wife ran the hotel but never lived there. However, their son died in Room #2. Online it said that the wife probably haunts that room because she’s looking out for her son.

When I got to the hotel, the man at the desk handed me the key – to Room #2. I had a feeling that I would get that room! So, I make my way up the wooden staircase to the room. I silently said hello to the spirits that might be there.

The room was beautifully decorated with some of the original furniture from 1905 (see the photo above). I didn’t feel any spirits or ghosts. However, I couldn’t get the fact that the room was haunted out of my mind.

On the last night of my stay in Colorado, I realized that I still had that “special” chocolate bar. I thought I better try it before I leave. So, I ate half (5 mg) of the bar, and then I got ready for bed. I didn’t feel anything until about 9:00 PM. The room started to spin. Then I became anxious. I knew that if I didn’t get control of myself that I would panic!

Different feelings and thoughts started to come to my mind. I had this feeling that I wanted to get in my car and drive or knock on the neighbors door. I told myself, “You are not going anywhere!” Then I wanted to call my husband to tell him how I was feeling. I told myself, “No. Just meditate.” So, I laid down and meditated. I connected with Reiki too.

As I meditated with a mantra, I realized that I was in a haunted room. I thought I was crazy to eat that THC candy bar in a haunted hotel! And I was alone!

During my meditation, I lost track of time, and I started to hear voices in the distance and noise at the foot of the bed. I closed my eyes and didn’t dare to look!

Thankfully, after a few hours, I started to feel better. I didn’t get much sleep, and I had a plane to catch in the morning!

Now that I look back at the experience, I can see how much meditation helped me remain calm. I know I can use meditation during scary or stressful times.

I also learned that I need to have more respect and gratitude towards medicinal plants. Each plant has lessons and wisdom to share. It’s not a good idea to take any medicinal plant without guidance. I learned my lesson – do not try things just for the sake of trying them.

Many cultures around the world use psychotropic plants to achieve ecstatic and transformative states of mind. However, one must use strong intention and caution.

Here are several ways to protect (and calm your mind) from strange energy and phenomena:

  • Ask God or your higher power to protect you.
  • Connect with Reiki to guide you and protect you.
  • Call on your master teacher or spirit guides to protect you (ancestors, angels, saints, power animals, etc.).
  • Use meditation to focus your mind and call on protection. Understand the spiritual concepts of internal vs external.
  • Imagine a white or blue light of protection around your body (you can extend the light to your room or the place you are staying).
  • Ask the spirits of crystals to protect you. For example, Native Americans use crystal quartz and turquoise stones for protection.
  • Connect with the power of love to protect you. Feel your heart chakra radiate with love.


Namaste, world.

Treasure Chest

There will be a worldwide disclosure coming soon. I can feel it. What can we do to prepare? First of all, we must not be afraid. Go inward to find strength and courage. The ancient texts tell us that we have a powerful mind, so we need to find ways to train our minds to tap into that power.

We also have a treasure within us – The Chakras. Why is it called “Treasure Chest?” Inside the human chest is the heart.

Our Treasure – The Heart Chakra

You are a powerful being. Nothing can take that away. Use your time wisely – train your mind through meditation, work with your chakras, and help other people.

We are ready to face anything! We are born in this lifetime to see the “Great Awakening.” Let’s count our blessings!

Here are seven quotes about treasure:

Wherever your treasure is, there your heart and thoughts will be also be. - Luke 12:34

If your profits are in heaven, your heart will be there too. - Matthew 6:21

The cave you enter holds the treasure you seek. - Joseph Campbell

Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it. - Lao Tzu

If you come here, you will find a hidden treasure. - Paulo Coelho

The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart. - Judy Garland

Your heart will challenge you, but also reward you beyond your wildest dreams. - Stefan Emunds

Namaste, world.

Fantasy World

Understanding is a kind of ecstasy. – Carl Sagan

It is no longer about outside appearances. The journey is within. How can I create the world that I want?

It starts with my mind – using imagination and creativity. I see my world expanding to understand the secrets of humanity and obtaining self-realization in this lifetime. I want to travel – physically and astrologically. I want to surround myself with books, pets, loved ones, nature, and music.

The fantasy world starts within me. If I believe that I can create my world, the wheel of possibility starts to spin. The world can open up to where I am right now.

When I was in India in 2015, my colleagues and I visited a Tibetan temple. Inside the temple was a large prayer wheel (see the photo below). The wheel has mantras inscribed on the inside and the outside. Turning a prayer wheel with millions of mantras inside is the equivalent of saying those millions of mantras but within a few seconds. The action of spinning the wheel sends out the prayers.

Large Prayer Wheel, Tibetan Refugee Camp, Delhi, India

Sometimes the mind is referred to as a wheel. What you think (the spinning) is put into action. Intention can get energy moving too.

God is within you.

Remember to be gentle with yourself. Relax into the wheel of life. Trust the Universe. Be who you are, where ever you are.

Namaste, world.

What needs Healing in your Life?

I joined an online pranayama class this weekend. During the discussion, this morning, another participant and I talked about grieving and healing. After our discussion, I realized that I have to do more healing in my life.

My oldest daughter struggles with alcoholism. “One is addicted…many are affected.” Lately, I’ve been thinking about her childhood. Part of me blames myself for her alcoholism. I feel like I was not a very good parent. My daughter reassures me that I was a wonderful mom, but part of me thinks I could have done better. I was a young mom – only twenty years old when she was born. I was immature in so many ways, and I was clueless about raising a child.

I need to heal this wound inside me and stop blaming myself. I have tremendous hope for my daughter to become sober. She has so many good qualities and talents. Most people that meet her say she is so charming and kind. She’s an artist who paints amazing flowers and scenery (see one of my favorite paintings above).

For me to heal, I need to have a heart-to-heart conversation with my daughter. It won’t be easy. I want to use the Five Healing Phrases (see below). I want to tell her that I am sorry. I’m sorry for not helping her increase her self-esteem when she was in her teens and early twenties. Then I will say, please forgive me for any time I was not there to support her. Next, I will tell her “thank you” for bringing joy and beauty into my life. I will end with telling her that I love her and I bless her. I know I will say more when I am in my daughter’s presence.

Here are the Five Healing Phrases:

  • I’m sorry
  • Please forgive me
  • Thank you
  • I love you
  • I bless you

Do you need healing in your life? Can you be open and honest with yourself? It takes courage to face your wounds.

My goal is to reach self-realization and enlightenment. To do this, I have to face my wounds, shadows, and negative energy. I am grateful to have yin and yang elements (darkness and lightness). I can grow with the balance of these energies.

I am also growing through my daughter’s alcoholism. Yes, it hurts, and I feel helpless at times. But I also see the light and hope in my daughter’s eyes. I know loving her is the greatest gift that I can give her.

Namaste, world.

Thankful for Change

I feel thankful for the possibilities on the horizon. If we didn’t have change, there would be no growth. Change can be scary, but it is also an opportunity for creativity and exploration.

In a few weeks, I may not have my hospice job. I work for a hospital that will eventually mandate the COVID-19 vaccines. I heard from nurses that doctors are not allowing medical exemptions. So, I’m out! I plan to go back to my old job working for a wellness center or find a different job.

I also want to take at least one month off of work. I want to dive deeper into my spirituality and travel. I need to take this opportunity because it may never come around again.

I had one hospice patient that told me to travel and explore now. He said the body breaks down with old age. He said not to wait until retirement – the future is unknown, and life may be cut short.

I am thankful for change because I can let myself be who I am. I am finding out who is truly a friend and who is not. Also, I know which relatives are supportive and which ones are not. There are two sides to the coin. I need to be a good friend and support the people in my life too.

I take nothing for granted. There are so many possibilities! It’s like there’s a Pandora’s box inside me waiting to open up! Am I brave enough to look inside?

Namaste, world.