Breath Patterns

ana forrest

One of my old behavior patterns is to not speak up in a large group setting. I am an introvert, so speaking in a large group can be intimidating. Most extroverts can think outload, but as an introvert I take time to think before I speak. However, I decided to change my breath patterns during my hospice team meeting and I noticed that I gained confidence to speak up. I took several deep breaths and then when I was ready to speak I took one more big breath. It worked! Now I know I can use my breath to change my behavior.

Namaste, world.

Nietzsche’s Question

xmas ghost

Friedrich Nietzsche’s question: What if you were to live the identical life again and again throughout eternity – how would that change you?

“The thought of living your identical life again and again for all eternity can be jarring, a sort of petite existential shock therapy. It often serves as a sobering thought experiment, leading you to consider seriously how you are really living. Like the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, it increases your awareness that this life, your only life, should be lived well and fully, accumulating a few regrets as possible. Nietzsche thus serves as a guide leading us away from the preoccupation with trivial concerns to the goal of living vitally.”  – Irvin D. Yalom (from the book, “Staring at the Sun: Overcoming the Dread of Death”)