We Are Moving: Part I


We are moving! I am excited about the thought of moving and seeing ourselves as cosmic travelers in the universe. Nothing is static. Our planet rotates around the sun, the season’s change, the time of day changes, we change, and everything is moving. It is an honor be part of this great dance of life.

I just spent a weekend at a retreat center learning about the emergence of a new humanity and the quantum leap into a new consciousness (teachings by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Thomas Berry). The discussion was very deep, and I am still integrating everything that I learned.

This is what I learned from the workshop (Part I):

Our new human emergence requires us to row together in the same boat. The solo journey is over. We row together toward a new understanding of life. The new consciousness is of unity and to create an earth community. Rowing together will take courage and openness to a new way of communication, a new way of being. It calls for every human being to seek greatness and create an epic life.

We all influence each other, and we will eventually see the divine in each other. The divine is moving with the cosmos. Evolution is happening within our cells. It is time to take an evolutionary leap and see that even God is evolving. The role of the human is to bring dimensions of God forward.

We are cosmological, connected to the cosmos and intergalactic space. We need to create stillness through meditation to connect with the interspace before we can connect with the outer space. Through the practice of meditation, we gain contemplative presence.

This contemplative presence involves the essence of ourselves. Essence will create the new being. For example, essential oils and flower essences are very popular right now. The essence of the herbs and flowers are squeezed out – we only harvest the best of the plant. The most concentrated part of the plant is the essence. Our essence, the spirit part of us, must be present when communicating with each other and other living beings.

Creative merging happens when we use our essence. How can it not? When we bring forward the best part of ourselves, there is expansion and creativity. A new consciousness is born.

This message in a bottle is good news: We are moving!

Namaste, world.