Inspiring Quotes By Sister Lucy Bruskiewicz – 2nd Set

The Rugged Terrain of My Heart. – Painting by Sr. Lucy Bruskiewicz

Sr. Lucy Bruskiewicz is my friend and mentor. I met her when I was 21-years old. She is a Sister of St. Joseph of the Third Order of St. Francis, and she has devoted her life to teaching and providing spiritual counseling.

Here are some quotes by Sr. Lucy Bruskiewicz (from her journal notes):

Aging is passing – experience something coming through us.

The Earth has meridians, and the body has meridians.

Memory holds Truth – quest for Truth.

Something more than biology is shaping my life.

Practice by sustaining the deep presence by listening to self first, then others.

Share ways to thrive.

Divine Will – What does God what of us?

The Kingdom of God is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Strive to desire what God desires for you and respond to the call. It always seems like it’s a surprise when God creates that newness for me and you.

Gemstones are from the Angelic.

Where you turn, there is the face of God.

Creativity is the surest pathway to the Truth.

Follow your Heart. Wherever it takes you, and be happy. Life is brief and very fragile. It’s only loaned to us for a while. Wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen, and take one moment at a time.


My Soul Honors Your Soul

I honor the place in you

Where the entire universe resides

I honor the light, love, and truth

Beauty and peace within you.

Because it is also in me.

In sharing these things

We are united

We are the same

We are one.

– Sr. Lucy Bruskiewicz

Sr. Lucy Bruskiewicz in 1995.
Photo by Gina M. Gafford

Namaste World.

Inspiring Quotes By Sister Lucy Bruskiewicz – 1st Set

Painting by Sr. Lucy Bruskiewicz

Sr. Lucy Bruskiewicz is my friend and mentor. I met her when I was 21-years old. She is a Sister of St. Joseph of the Third Order of St. Francis, and she has devoted her life to teaching and providing spiritual counseling.

Here are some quotes by Sr. Lucy Bruskiewicz (from her journal notes):

Always be kinder than necessary.

When you talk to anybody, just think your soul is talking to the Spirit of God.

To reach for our potential – Spirit is Medicine.

For those who are tripped up by “perfect.” When is it good enough?

How very little can be done under the Spirit of Fear!

The fondest memories are gathered when we share at the table.

The world needs our story.

I must live the life of the Gospel, understanding the way.

The original use of the word “courage” means “to stand by one’s heart.”

All of us are smarter than any one of us.

It’s odd that in our noisy and protracting world, it’s only when we come face to face with death, we experience what is often missing in life.

Go into your heart for what you desire. We are never distant from God’s heart.

When you nourish your soul, life falls into balance. Each of us creates our own “recipe,” adding the essential “ingredients” that sustain us best.

I want to encourage you to trust the mystical, divine, which comes as an intuitive pulse or rhythm. Trust your own experience of Holy.

What we don’t see is more real than what we do see. Spiritual vision is possible. What blinders must we remove to have more clarity?

From stress to strength. Every encounter with stress is a chance to turn your life around.

When you empty by sharing, you make room for more.

Follow the path that is leading us to the Best.

Leave something of value behind. What is it? I hear the call to honesty – deep honesty within myself.

Moon Goddess, I honor you and love you beyond understanding. I will stay open to your changes in me.

Explore change and how it is that we invite, resist, or learn with it and how it affects our relationships.

When we help other people get what they want, we get what we want.

Have you ever noticed the word “heart” contains the word HEAR? It is only in this way that we can learn what others want. And the words “silent” and “listen” contain the same letters. Perhaps this means we should be silent and listen with our HEARTS.

Follow the silent whispers that echo down the golden spirals through the corridors of your own being.

Spiritual Direction: I call out something that I never saw in myself.

Gina Gafford and Sr. Lucy Bruskiewicz in 1996.

Namaste World.

Living a Virtuous Life According to the Jesus Sutras

What is done in this life will shape the next life. – The Jesus Sutras: Rediscovering the Lost Scrolls of Taoist Christianity, by Martin Palmer

In the new year and beyond, we can choose to live our best lives. Never give up on your goodness. Find the keys to open your heart – to open your treasure chest. In The Jesus Sutras, written by Martin Palmer, the Stone Sutra reveals how we can live a good life.

The Jesus Sutras, in the second sutra (the sutra of cause, effect, and salvation), states the following about living a virtuous life:

  • Virtue can only be practiced in this world.
  • The One Sacred Spirit controls everything, and you should do as the Spirit demands: good deeds in this life.
  • This is the only world in which you can perform good karma.
  • All acts of merit and benevolence must be performed in this world, not the next.
  • Be charitable here because in the other world you can’t be.
  • Become open-handed and not tight-fisted and narrow.
  • You can only be charitable and generous in this world, not the next.
  • Rid yourself of the evil and poison in your heart and abandon all your bad thoughts and jealousy.
  • With peace of mind, worship God in this world, for it won’t be possible in the next.
  • You will reap the consequences of this life in the next world.
  • If people wish to be virtuous, they should follow the commands of the One and Only Sacred Spirit.
  • Understand that the One Sacred Spirit presides overall existence to be venerated; strive to do what is right and be grateful for the grace you have received.
  • In order to see the One Sacred Spirit, people must keep themselves pure in heart, and as an act of grace, all will become clear.

Just as the sun tirelessly rises each day, we, too, get another day to try our best. The world presents challenges to us. We have the pandemic situation, job issues, relationship problems, etc. Sometimes is easy to feel tired and defeated in life. However, the Taoist Stone Sutras encourages us to strive for goodness in every situation. We need to have self-compassion – it’s a lot of work living in this world!

Take time to rest and reflect. Look back on the last year and see how you want to change things in your life. How can you become more “open-handed” and generous? How can you create peace in your mind? How can you bring grace into your life and the lives of the people around you?

The Jesus Sutras are translated and interpreted throughout the text. Four of the Sutras date from ca. 640-660 and remain primarily in private collections in Japan,” says Martin Palmer. The Chinese Character for Sutra actually means, “sacred literature.” The Chinese Taoists preserved this “sacred literature” in a substance that would last forever: stone.

May you be well, happy, skillful, and peaceful.