Spans of Existence


All things in nature, even the universe itself, have their spans of existence, birth and death, beginning and ending. All that we perceive and can conceive of is change; it is impermanent. So it can never permanently satisfy you. – Ajahn Sumedho

Making Contact with the Spirit World


As a hospice massage therapist, I see many of my patients in their homes. Well, one week ago, I went to see a patient who lives out in the country. I will call this patient, Violet. Violet is an eighty-eight-year-old dying of lung cancer. Last week, she admitted that she smoked for many years.

My visit was a regular visit. Violet requested a massage on her back and shoulders. She’s had a “bad” shoulder for several years. Well, as I was massaging her shoulder, my eyes glanced back at her end table. There, before my eyes was a small lotion bottle spinning on its base. It was not the bottle of lotion that I was using. And there was no other movements in the room. Furthermore, nothing bumped the end table.

Why was the lotion bottle spinning? Did a ghost make the bottle spin? My first thought was that it was a ghost. I wasn’t scared; more curious. I wondered if Violet saw the bottle spinning too.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen any ghost activity. I am one who does NOT invite such commotion. However, lately, I’ve thought a lot about making contact with the spirit world.

There are many ways to make contact with the spirit world. For example, you can pray, meditate, sing, dance, chant, write poetry or find other creative ways to make contact with the spirit world. Also, it’s important to have intention. What is your purpose for making contact with the spirit world? There are a lot of spirit energies. Making contact with loving, compassionate beings is important.

When I was in India in 2015, I remember hearing people pray and chant as I walked the streets. India showed me the importance of connecting with the spirit world every waking moment. As I saw and heard in India, spirituality is a way of life.

Since I started working with the dying, I feel more connected to the spirit world. I feel secure in my life’s journey. On an intuitive level, I know where I am going after my death. I have no fear.  I look forward to the day I become spirit once again.

I know for sure, a spiritual life is essential to fulfilling our purpose here on this earth. It is everything. Most of life should be devoted to spirituality.

Namaste, world.