Halloween Story: Lessons from the Haunted Room

The Haunted Room

I have a ghost story – perfect for Halloween. This past summer in August, I went on a solo trip to Colorado to attend a festival. While I was there, I bought a small chocolate bar with 10 mg of THC (cannabis/marijuana). My intention with the plant medicine was to relax and maybe receive spiritual transformation or insight.

For the last two nights of my trip, I decided to stay in a hotel (instead of camping). I looked on Expedia and chose the closest one to the festival. According to information online, I found out the hotel was haunted (especially Room #2).

The hotel dates back to 1905. The owner and his wife ran the hotel but never lived there. However, their son died in Room #2. Online it said that the wife probably haunts that room because she’s looking out for her son.

When I got to the hotel, the man at the desk handed me the key – to Room #2. I had a feeling that I would get that room! So, I make my way up the wooden staircase to the room. I silently said hello to the spirits that might be there.

The room was beautifully decorated with some of the original furniture from 1905 (see the photo above). I didn’t feel any spirits or ghosts. However, I couldn’t get the fact that the room was haunted out of my mind.

On the last night of my stay in Colorado, I realized that I still had that “special” chocolate bar. I thought I better try it before I leave. So, I ate half (5 mg) of the bar, and then I got ready for bed. I didn’t feel anything until about 9:00 PM. The room started to spin. Then I became anxious. I knew that if I didn’t get control of myself that I would panic!

Different feelings and thoughts started to come to my mind. I had this feeling that I wanted to get in my car and drive or knock on the neighbors door. I told myself, “You are not going anywhere!” Then I wanted to call my husband to tell him how I was feeling. I told myself, “No. Just meditate.” So, I laid down and meditated. I connected with Reiki too.

As I meditated with a mantra, I realized that I was in a haunted room. I thought I was crazy to eat that THC candy bar in a haunted hotel! And I was alone!

During my meditation, I lost track of time, and I started to hear voices in the distance and noise at the foot of the bed. I closed my eyes and didn’t dare to look!

Thankfully, after a few hours, I started to feel better. I didn’t get much sleep, and I had a plane to catch in the morning!

Now that I look back at the experience, I can see how much meditation helped me remain calm. I know I can use meditation during scary or stressful times.

I also learned that I need to have more respect and gratitude towards medicinal plants. Each plant has lessons and wisdom to share. It’s not a good idea to take any medicinal plant without guidance. I learned my lesson – do not try things just for the sake of trying them.

Many cultures around the world use psychotropic plants to achieve ecstatic and transformative states of mind. However, one must use strong intention and caution.

Here are several ways to protect (and calm your mind) from strange energy and phenomena:

  • Ask God or your higher power to protect you.
  • Connect with Reiki to guide you and protect you.
  • Call on your master teacher or spirit guides to protect you (ancestors, angels, saints, power animals, etc.).
  • Use meditation to focus your mind and call on protection. Understand the spiritual concepts of internal vs external.
  • Imagine a white or blue light of protection around your body (you can extend the light to your room or the place you are staying).
  • Ask the spirits of crystals to protect you. For example, Native Americans use crystal quartz and turquoise stones for protection.
  • Connect with the power of love to protect you. Feel your heart chakra radiate with love.


Namaste, world.