MLK Message

Peace and love to my brothers and sisters.

Resilience in Changing Times

“The American Heritage Dictionary defines resilience as ‘the ability to recover quickly from illness, change, or misfortune to retain its original shape.’ But is this always true?

What about those times when recovery will require more of us than simply snapping back into our original shape – those times when the transformation will be deep and painful and profound?

Misfortune strips away our illusions that we can be smart enough, good enough, lucky enough to get through life untouched. Spiritual growth is not about learning how to obtain only that which we would prefer for ourselves. The true purpose of spiritual training is to unclog the channels that connect us to divine love.

Mystic philosopher Aldous Huxley explains that to do so, we must take on the task of engaging with the circumstances of our lives – no matter how trivial or threatening – without malice, greed, or voluntary ignorance. Rather, we must rise to the challenges that arise moment by moment with love, courage, and understanding. We must search our souls for hidden resistance, pockets of arrogance and selfishness.” – Carol Orsborn, The Art of Resilience: 100 Paths to Wisdom and Strength in an Uncertain World

Light and Love of Protection

My oldest daughter considers herself as an empath. She is sensitive to the mental or emotional states of people. She is also very intuitive. Lately, with the pandemic, my daughter feels so much fear from people. I told my daughter that she needs to protect herself.

Humans are walking antennas. We give and receive information through human communication, vibration, and energy fields. There are many ways to protect ourselves, but I am going to present three ways:

  1. Visualize a white light or a golden cloud surrounding your body – like an aura protection field. If you want, you can visualize God, your angels, spirit guides, or loved ones – blessing you, protecting you, and guiding you. The best time to shield your aura is in the morning, right after you wake up.
  2. Another way is through mediation. Meditation generates positive energy and creates a strong mind, which can protect you.
  3. Love is your armor. If something disturbs you, send it love. Author Tara Brach says, “Even a few moments of offering loving-kindness can reconnect you with the purity of your loving heart.”

Namaste, world.

Affirmations for Expansion (COVID-19)

The current pandemic is an opportunity to expand ourselves. How can we change our limited thinking? We have two choices, we can stay stuck in our “old” ways, or we can create new ways. We can increase our creativity by facing our fears, releasing them, and expanding our minds.

Here are some affirmations for expansion:

  • I’m glad I was born, and I love being alive.
  • I am relaxed and centered.
  • I am safe and healthy.
  • My intellect and intuition are increasing every day.
  • I am now creating my life exactly as I want it.
  • The present moment opens up new opportunities.
  • I am an open channel for love and creative energy.
  • I expand my mind to see things that I did not see before.
  • Creative ideas and inspiration are coming to me every day.
  • My inner wisdom is guiding me.
  • The light within me is creating miracles in my body, mind, and spirit, here and now.
  • God is showing me the way.

Namaste, world.

Contentment and Hygge

Part of contentment is being in the present moment. I have one past hospice patient who is a great teacher of well-being and hygge (she is doing well and no longer qualifies for hospice).

Glenda has cerebral palsy and lives her life from bed to wheelchair. She is married and has one grown-up daughter. Glenda is a person who has learned to make the best of her situation. She stays content because she surrounds herself with all the things that she enjoys. Glenda loves her tablet, reality TV shows, conversations with people around her, aromatherapy diffuser, fuzzy socks, favorite foods, and trinkets on her shelf. She makes herself cozy, and she creates her own world (even in the confinement of a nursing home).

When I was with Glenda, she showed that she cared about me by actively listening. She wanted to know more about me (active interest in others = loving-kindness). She was in the present moment. She had a strong faith in God and trusted that everything would be okay.

Glenda was never bored. She kept herself busy and allowed her life to flow. She mindfully connected with everything in her life. Glenda made a conscious choice to stay positive.

“Hygge” is a Danish and Norwegian word for coziness and contentment. Hygge is about slowing down and keeping things simple. It is an attitude of positivity and acceptance. It is making the most out of every day. Some people think the word “hygge” comes from the word “hugge” or “hug.”

Here are some simple ways to incorporate Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) into your life:

  • Use candles (real ones or battery operated ones)
  • Soft music
  • Comfy clothes
  • Hot bath
  • Eat ice cream
  • Have sincere conversations with loved ones
  • Play board games or card games
  • Snuggle with loved ones or pets
  • Write letters and read books
  • Journal
  • Garden
  • Work on crafts or projects
  • Go phone free
  • Gather around a bon fire
  • Connect with nature

Namaste, world.

“Now is the Time,” by Pema Chodron

“We’re always in some kind of mood. It might be sadness, it might be anger, it might be not much of anything, just a kind of blur. It might be humor or contentment. In any case, whatever it is, that’s the path.

When something hurts in life, we don’t usually think of it as our path or as the source of wisdom. In fact, we think that the reason we’re on the path is to get rid of this painful feeling. In this way, we naively cultivate a subtle aggression against ourselves.

However, the fact is that anyone who has used the moments, days, and years of his or her life to become wiser, kinder, and more at home in the world has learned from what’s happening right now. We can aspire to be kind right in the moment, to relax and open our heart and mind to what is in front of us right in the moment. Now is the time. If there’s any possibility for enlightenment, it’s right now, not at some future time.” – Pema Chodron

Guided Meditation for Immunity (12 minutes)

To strengthen your immunity, you can get a good night’s sleep, eat healthy (more fruits and vegetables), increase your vitamin C and Zinc intake, take probiotics/herbs, exercise, forest bathe, garden, do yoga, and meditate. However, thoughts and feelings can affect immunity too. Remember, where thoughts go, energy flows.

Right now, fear can creep into your mind. It’s normal to feel some fear during uncertain times. But fear can cause restlessness and sleeplessness – which can affect immunity. Try to keep your mind on positive thoughts and emotions – as much as possible. Keep your vibration high by staying in love and gratitude. If you feel fear, turn your thoughts and feelings to gratitude. Or distract your mind by thinking about your goals or the things that you want to accomplish.

If you do become ill, then let illness be your teacher. You can still be well even if you are sick. Miles J. Stanford says, “Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being.” Humans beings go through cycles of health and illness, and now we have the new challenge of COVID-19.

Here is a 12 minute guided meditation to strengthen your immunity:

Use headphones or earbuds.

“I Start My Day,” by Karen Drucker

I start my day with love, when I start my day with love
that’s what I get more of is love
Love love love, love love love

I start my day with peace, when I start my day with peace
I feel that sweet release of peace
Peace peace peace, peace peace peace

I start my day with joy, when I start my day with joy
everything I do is infused with joy
Joy joy joy, joy joy joy

I start my day with love, I start my day with peace
I start my day with joy and I feel that sweet release