Just Be

I like collecting crystals putting them in my rock garden. For example, I have rose quartz, aquamarine, yellow citrine, amethyst, agates, and plain rocks. A few days ago, I found this “Just Be” rock (see above).

My friend gave me this rock about a year ago, but the message is timely for what is happening in our world right now. It is difficult to “just be” when there is so much uncertainty.

I feel the transformation on all levels. I need to remind myself that I am an eternal being, and change is part of life. However, to survive this turbulent time, I must fortify and strengthen my internal self – mental, psychological, and emotional.

To “just be,” I need to accept the present moment. Am I safe right now? Do I have everything that I need? Can I let my emotions teach me about life? Rumi has a fascinating poem about thoughts and emotions:

Namaste, world.

I Ching

I Ching Trigram

“The I Ching explains that life is sometimes like a well that is being lined with stone. While it is true that the well cannot be used while the work is going on, ‘the work is not in vain; the result is that the water stays clear. In life also there are times when a man must put himself in order.’

There are times when you feel invisible. You feel passed over and ineffective. Your phone messages go unanswered. Your letters come back to you marked address unknown. During such times, you may not be able to express your power in the outer world. But that does not mean you have the right to throw up your hands in despair.

Rather, you can take this opportunity to enhance your character through the serious work of inner development. What you are doing may not be apparent on the surface. It may look as if you have fallen into disuse. But the work that is transpiring in you at this very moment, so quiet and so internal that even you may not have realized it was going on, is of utmost importance. What you are doing when you give yourself time and space to nurture your spirit at the deepest levels is no less than fortifying yourself for the greater role you are being prepared to play in the world. The I Ching teaches that if you cultivate within yourself qualities of character, such as strength, faith, and perseverance, you will not have to force opportunities to come to you. Those that are meant to be yours will come to you of their own free will.” – Carol Orsborn, The Art of Resilience: 100 Paths to Wisdom and Strength in an Uncertain World.

Mind your Mind

It is time to train your mind. You can control your thoughts! Rein your thoughts like a rider reins a horse. Also, become aware of how your environment affects your thoughts. You need to be careful of what you let into your consciousness, especially from technology/media, books, and other people. Remember where thoughts go, energy flows.

As you train your mind, connect with higher vibrations of love and intuition. It’s not always easy – it takes practice. The best way to train your mind is through daily meditation. Singing or reciting mantras can also help to train the mind. The word “mantra” is from Sanskrit and contains two words. “Man” or “manas,” which means “mind” and the suffix “tra,” which means “tool.” Translations of this mantra are “instrument of thought” and “I am that I am.”

Here is a video of the seven chakra mantras to help balance the energy in your body and mind:

I am. Namaste, world.