Spirit of Sedona

Bell Rock, Sedona, Arizona

In a few weeks, I am going on a solo trip to Sedona, Arizona. I am preparing myself mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically for the trip. I keep telling myself that I need to have a strong mind while I am there.

In 2016, my friends and I went to Sedona, Arizona, on a spiritual pilgrimage. I remember one night energy was bouncing off the walls. It really scared me – I’ve never experienced anything like that before. Part of me realizes that I might encounter more strange phenomena during this upcoming trip.

The energy in Sedona is strong because of the vortexes and ancestral energy that resides there. I will be alone on the red mountains (I’m never really alone). I am excited and nervous at the same time.

How am I preparing myself for this trip? I am reading more about Sedona, practicing Qigong every day, and I am working with my mental energy.

I am going to Sedona to connect with the unique energy that is there. I want to meditate and connect with the spirit of Sedona. I am going with an open mind and no set expectations.

I understand that as human beings, we are visible and invisible. The visible part is our physical body and the invisible part is our mind.

The mind is very powerful. We need to be careful because the mind likes to manifest. We need to put our energy towards positive thoughts and less energy into things that cause fear, pain, struggles, etc. It’s easy to just let the mind think what it wants, but it’s crucial to think thoughts mindfully. Remember – thoughts are things. Where thoughts go, energy flows.

I can see myself on Bell Rock. I can feel the warm wind on my skin. I can feel the energy in my body as I connect with Heaven and Earth.

Here is the link to my 2016 Sedona trip:

My Spiritual Pilgrimage

Namaste, world.

Reiki Vision I

I attended Echo Bodine’s Aurapalooza in Minneapolis. It’s an all-day psychic and healing fair. I had a 50-minute Reiki session with one of the practitioners, and toward the end of the session, I received a vision. I wasn’t expecting a vision because I was putting all my energy into letting go and clearing my mind.

The vision formed quickly and I understood the meaning instantly. In my mind, I saw a three-dimensional triangle (pyramid) formed from my heart chakra to my third-eye chakra and then out in front of me. The apex (tip) pointed outward in front of me. The next vision was the pyramid on the dollar bill.

The basic meaning that I received is that you need to connect your heart chakra and third-eye chakra to spiritually “to see the truth.” If there is one truth that I know, it’s the chakra system. My vision is fascinating to me because I’ve been working with my heart chakra and my third-eye chakra. I just never thought to combine them.

I know that I will receive more information as I digest the images and message. I think there is a deeper message – like going down the “rabbit hole.” I think it connects with sacred geometry too.

Pyramids are physical landmarks on the Earth, but how are they related to the human being?

The bottom of the pyramid is a “diamond” shape.
Bell Rock, Sedona, Arizona

I hope you work with your heart chakra and third-eye chakra to receive some messages. One way to work with your chakras is during meditation. You can visualize connecting the two chakras (see energy, colors, shapes, etc.). You might experience some feelings too.

As a human race, we are going through some interesting and challenging times. When we connect spiritually, we understand that we are more than human – we are divine. As divine beings, we need to continue to show love and kindness. Intelligence + Kindness = Wisdom

Namaste, world.

The Call to Shamanism

Right now we are called to go beyond appearances and go deeper. One way we can go deeper is to explore Shamanism. There’s a lot to learn about Shamanism, and it can take years to develop the skills of a Shaman. However, we need to start somewhere, and the tools we’ve learned in life can help us too. Here are some key things to think about if you’d like to explore Shamanism (taken from the journal notes of Joe R. Lineweaver – who learned Shamanism in Peru):

  • In spiritual practice, we ask for divine intervention for what we can’t do for ourselves.
  • Destiny has no idea of linear time.
  • The purpose of ritual (from the word “spiritual”) is to suspend space and time.
  • Shamans journey to capture energy from a specific place.
  • Archetypes: warrior, teacher, seer, healer.
  • Heal by looking and shine your light in the darkness.
  • Evil spirits abhor (detest) faith, feed on fear.
  • Metaphor becomes Reality.
  • Shamans work with extensive systems of divination (clairvoyance or divination/conversation with spirits).
  • Power animals teach Shamans to move past what blocks them. Let the power animal dance you.
  • Ancestral energies can be helping spirits.
  • The left side is feminine (yin) and the right side is masculine (yang).
  • Ritual creates change.
  • Gifts come from struggle.
  • Give tobacco offering to spirits. Helping spirits need to be fed (offerings).
  • An altar is a physical place for the spirits to come.
  • Have a travel altar. All objects on the altar have a purpose.
  • Smudging cleanses the aura.
  • Merge with the helping spirits and look out through the spirit’s eyes. Ask to be shown the soul’s purpose and energy.
  • Ask: What needs to die to move on? Live with death as an ally. Destroy your fear of letting go of this ordinary reality.
  • Spirits can open the door for you, but you have to go through it.
  • Even your wildest dreams are doable. Notice the doors and step through.
  • Each person has a unique relationship with the Universe.
  • The Shaman’s job is to cultivate a relationship with the unknown.
  • Learn about the four directions (North, South, West, East).
  • Shamanism is like installing a new operating system. May need to remove the old operating system.
  • Learn about plants for healing. Shaman’s plant has powerful doctors in it.
  • Taking a journey is different than meditation. You need a vehicle (kicks the brain into an altered state – like drumming, bells, chanting, or fasting).
  • You need a journeying trance state and embodiment trance.
  • You can’t use power until you’ve cultivated it!
  • We can do this work with intent once we learn the keys to open the door.

Books to explore Shamanism:

“The Secrets of Shamanism: Tapping the Spirit Power Within You,” by Jose Stevens & Lena S. Stevens

“Shapeshifting Into Higher Consciousness: Heal and Transform Yourself and Our World with Ancient Shamanic and Modern Methods,” by Llyn Roberts

“Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self,” by Sandra Ingerman

“Visionary Shamanism: Activating the Imaginal Cells of the Human Energy Field,” by Linda Star Wolf & Anne Dillon

“Shamanic Awakening: My Journey Between the Dark and the Daylight,” by Sandra Corcoran

“Spirited Medicine: Shamanism in Contemporary Healthcare,” by Cecile Carson

“Shamanic Reiki,” by Lynn Roberts & Robert Levy

Drumming Music:

“Shamanic Journey Drumming,” by Michael Drake

Namaste, world.

Harmony in Diversity

A good brain and a good heart, I think, we can overcome all human problems. – The Dalai Lama

The following notes are from the video, “Harmony in Diversity: How to Move from Conflict to Compassion,” by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. You can watch the video on YouTube:

Harmony in Diversity – YouTube

Here are the main messages from the video:

We all belong in one big, huge family. The mental and emotional level is the same – everyone wants happiness and to overcome suffering. All beings have the right to exist and exist happily. The goal in life is to be happy.

Individual rights and freedom are sacred within a community. Each person is unique and contributes to the whole. Like a human garden (with a different way of life and different cultures), the more colors there are, the more beautiful. To have a beautiful society, we need to care for each individual. We need to take care of our garden.

There needs to be extra focus on the family and schools. The children who grow up with human affection become normal human beings – who can show other people a sense of caring and compassion. The family must keep a compassionate atmosphere. Teachers in schools, too, must see the basic human value and make a good example in the eyes of the student through action (affection, caring, commitment, and responsibility).

Religious faith is a delicate subject because it invokes emotions. All religions have the same intention to create disciplined and happy individuals. All religions have the potential to develop warm-hearted people. Each religion has a different philosophy but the same purpose. We can have respect and admiration for different religious traditions because of their effort. A more variety of religions will benefit more variety of people. One religion or one truth can give the individual more faith or more enthusiasm to keep practicing.

Since we have human intelligence, we also have contradictory ideas. These contradictory ideas or opinions can encourage further development. As long as it’s not destructive, there’s nothing wrong with contradictory ideas. There is the possibility to overcome the contradiction peacefully. War and violence is an old concept. War means fire – using a human being as fuel. In the future, compromise is the only way to solve our conflict. The next century is a century of dialogue. We have to make effort and a proper plan for dialogue and compromise.

If we want to change, each person needs to make effort. We want to change but we expect it to come from a different corner. We all need a healthy way of thinking. The individual human being must have determination and self-confidence. We can develop altruism (selflessness).

Harmony is the only way to survive and further develop. We must realize every part of the world is part of ourselves. So, taking care of others’ interests is taking care of oneself. We are interdependent. There must be mutual respect, caring, and compassion.

We need a new vision of peace, harmony, and dialogue. We need to see people around the world coming together at the same table. A paradigm shift will happen and a newly formed human community will arrive. Please bring your peaceful presence to the table.

Namaste, world.