Death is Like Floating on Water


Death is like floating on water.

There’s a lot of death in my life right now. My father died, a childhood friend died, my best friend’s grandma died, and now my hospice patient died. I was with my hospice patient, Glenda, during her last moments.

Glenda laid peacefully in her hospital bed. She was motionless except for her slow, rhythmic breathing. I gave her a gentle foot massage. As I rubbed her feet, I noticed that I kept my eyes on her face. I knew at that moment; I was bearing witness to her death.

I do not know what it is like to die in this life. I am still living! However, after I did some Reiki for Glenda, I had a feeling of death. I balanced her Chakras, with my hands, starting with her head and then down to her feet. When I hovered over her high heart chakra, I felt a tingling sensation and vibration. There was a lot of peace and acceptance in Glenda. She died that night. The next morning during my meditation is when I received the message that death is like floating on water.

When I float on the water, I have to relax my whole body and trust that I can float. If I’m nervous or scared, I can’t float. There is a surrendering that happens. Maybe death is like that. When we die, we need to relax and trust the process. And surrender.

Surrender to something familiar and unfamiliar. A journey of comfort and love.


Choose to stay with your experience, seeing it not as the death of the self you’ve come to know, but the birth of your new life as Light. – Llyn Roberts

Namaste, world.





Meditation is Simple!


“Life is complicated, but meditation is simple.” – Bhante Kamalasiri (

Life can be complicated. We have our jobs, bills to pay, children and elderly parents to take care of, household tasks, etc. But meditation is simple! When we sit on the cushion, we must remember not to make it complicated. Just sit on a cushion or a chair, close your eyes, and watch your present breath. If thoughts come into your head, just observe them, and then return your attention back to your breath. Don’t worry if you’re not doing it correctly or not sitting long enough. Just sit. Make it simple!

Namaste, world.


sea gull

Forgiveness – The Key to Freedom

My dad died four weeks ago. One thing that I have learned so far since his death is that I need to forgive. I forgive to let go. Resentment and fear hold me back. How can I make myself light as a bird? Forgiveness.

After my dad had died, I was surprised about how people reacted. For example, all my co-workers knew that my father died, but only a few said anything to me. I understand that some people do not know what to say. So, therefore, in this case, I need to forgive people who did not acknowledge my dad’s passing.

I am learning that I have to do what is right in my heart and mind. No matter what other people are doing, I need to do what is right.

Please remember from my older post “Metta for All,” that we all need to show loving-kindness and active interest in others. When you show someone that you care about them and think about them – this is true Metta. Your presence and compassion create the spiritual leap we need as humans.

When I walk down a busy street, and I make no eye contact with other humans – this is not loving-kindness. When I walk down a street, and I make eye contact and chat with strangers – this is loving-kindness.

When my co-worker’s mother was just in the hospital, and I do not show concern or ask questions – this is not loving-kindness. When my co-worker just attended a funeral, and I express concern, ask questions, and offer help – this is loving-kindness.

Remember small gestures of kindness go a long way.

Namaste, world.