Fantasy World

Understanding is a kind of ecstasy. – Carl Sagan

It is no longer about outside appearances. The journey is within. How can I create the world that I want?

It starts with my mind – using imagination and creativity. I see my world expanding to understand the secrets of humanity and obtaining self-realization in this lifetime. I want to travel – physically and astrologically. I want to surround myself with books, pets, loved ones, nature, and music.

The fantasy world starts within me. If I believe that I can create my world, the wheel of possibility starts to spin. The world can open up to where I am right now.

When I was in India in 2015, my colleagues and I visited a Tibetan temple. Inside the temple was a large prayer wheel (see the photo below). The wheel has mantras inscribed on the inside and the outside. Turning a prayer wheel with millions of mantras inside is the equivalent of saying those millions of mantras but within a few seconds. The action of spinning the wheel sends out the prayers.

Large Prayer Wheel, Tibetan Refugee Camp, Delhi, India

Sometimes the mind is referred to as a wheel. What you think (the spinning) is put into action. Intention can get energy moving too.

God is within you.

Remember to be gentle with yourself. Relax into the wheel of life. Trust the Universe. Be who you are, where ever you are.

Namaste, world.