Thankful for Change

I feel thankful for the possibilities on the horizon. If we didn’t have change, there would be no growth. Change can be scary, but it is also an opportunity for creativity and exploration.

In a few weeks, I may not have my hospice job. I work for a hospital that will eventually mandate the COVID-19 vaccines. I heard from nurses that doctors are not allowing medical exemptions. So, I’m out! I plan to go back to my old job working for a wellness center or find a different job.

I also want to take at least one month off of work. I want to dive deeper into my spirituality and travel. I need to take this opportunity because it may never come around again.

I had one hospice patient that told me to travel and explore now. He said the body breaks down with old age. He said not to wait until retirement – the future is unknown, and life may be cut short.

I am thankful for change because I can let myself be who I am. I am finding out who is truly a friend and who is not. Also, I know which relatives are supportive and which ones are not. There are two sides to the coin. I need to be a good friend and support the people in my life too.

I take nothing for granted. There are so many possibilities! It’s like there’s a Pandora’s box inside me waiting to open up! Am I brave enough to look inside?

Namaste, world.