Reiki Vision II

Updated on 9/28/2021.

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I hope you have an open mind. This discloser will change your life forever.

I attended Echo Bodine’s Aurapalooza in Minneapolis in May 2021. Aurapalooza is an all-day psychic and healing fair. I had a 50-minute Reiki session with one of the practitioners, and toward the end of the session, I received a vision. Now, a few months later, I’m connecting the dots.

The vision formed quickly, and I understood the meaning instantly. In my mind, I saw a three-dimensional triangle (pyramid) formed from my heart chakra to my third-eye chakra and then out in front of me. The apex (tip) pointed outward in front of me. The next vision was the pyramid on the dollar bill.

The “eye” reveals the truth.

The message that I received is that you need to connect your heart chakra and third-eye chakra to “see the truth.” But then I realized that if I move the “H” of HEART, I get EARTH. So, it’s a message about the Earth and the eye.

The bottom of the pyramid is a “diamond” shape.
As above, so below. The “eye” of truth.
We are part of Mother Earth. The eye “disk” is the clue.

We are Earth citizens, but we’ve been fed lies about our planet.

The Earth is a flat plane within a celestial oblate spheroid.

The ancient Native Americans knew the Earth was flat.
OUR EARTH – The sun and the moon (twin forces) rotate 3,300 miles above the Earth’s surface. The central sun (black sun) is in the middle. We can’t see the central sun because it sits deeper into the hole.

Let there be Peace on Earth.

Namaste, world.

The cross shows the way to personal freedom and spiritual liberation. – The Jesus Sutras: Rediscovering the Lost Scrolls of Taoist Christianity, by Martin Palmer