Jennifer’s Poem

Jennifer's Poem (May 2020)

Dear Jennifer, 
I am here. 
The proof is in my tear. 
You are walking Heaven's mile, 
as I miss your joyful smile. 
I will follow your ways. 
Let your spirit shine rays. 
Friends forever we will be. 
I remember you - please remember me. 
I am here. 
Jennifer, dear. 

- Gina M. Gafford 

Almost a week ago, I was sleeping in a tent at Gooseberry Falls State Park, Minnesota. It was dark outside, and the wind was blowing into the tent. I don’t know if it was windy or if I was dreaming. Then, through a rush of wind, I heard someone say, “I am here.” Right away, my mind went to my friend, Jennifer.

Jennifer died in December 2019 from breast cancer. She was such a good friend, and I miss her dearly. I wrote “Jennifer’s Poem” for her upcoming celebration of life ceremony.

I know my friend very well, and I think she’d want me to know that there’s an afterlife and that she’s okay. Moments like this remind me how connected we are in life and death.

Fun-loving, carefree Jennifer (Photo by Gina M. Gafford)

Namaste, world.

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