Prince: My Close Encounter


Almost every Minnesotan has a Prince story. Some people saw him at a gas station, or they saw him sitting with a lady friend at the Arboretum. One woman knew his hair stylist, and several other people saw him ride his bike around Paisley Park just days before he died. We all want to be part of Prince, and we are proud that he was a Minnesotan.


I am Minnesotan too, and I have a Prince story. Back in 1986, I had the opportunity to see Prince at Paisley Park Studios. I was 15 years old and a fashion model. My agency called me up to ask if I wanted to go to Paisley Park to be part of an audience. Prince filmed the video “Sign O’ the Times” in Paris, but the audience shots didn’t turn out. It was back in the 80’s when we had videotapes. Prince wanted to recreate the lost footage.

I went to Paisley Park to be part of an audience of about a hundred people. Some people were actors, and some were models. Most of us were hired to be there. I received a check from my modeling agency for $80.00.


I spent the whole day at Paisley Park, and I was allowed to bring one friend. We arrived in the morning, and we didn’t leave until about 11:00 PM. The first thing I remember is the waiting and waiting. All hundred of us shuffled into one large garage in the back of Paisley Park. We sat around waiting for our big moment to see Prince and to be part of a live concert.

Lunchtime rolled around, and all of us were starving. Prince’s staff said that they were having technical difficulties, so we had to wait. Prince had a generous spirit, so he hired a McDonalds food truck to come to Paisley Park to hand out burgers, fries, and drinks.

All of us waited until it was dusk. Finally, we were allowed to go into Paisley Park Studios. We had to stand in a line before we entered the stage production area. As we waited in line, Prince walked by us. My friend, Jennifer, and I were surprised how small he was. Prince was a tiny man but so sexy!

Once we entered the stage area, we were told where to stand. Unfortunately, my friend and I stood near the back. If we were to do it all over again, we would have moved up to the front. The stage was a typical stage that you would see at a concert. Prince had his band there too.

The concert was awesome! I was in awe and mesmerized by Prince. He put on a regular show playing all his famous songs. As a crowd, we jumped up and down and did everything the staff asked us to do.

Back in 1986 was my close encounter with Prince. He is and always will be talented and sexy. We will miss Prince. May his music remind us to live our dreams.


Namaste, world.








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