Quotes by Pujya Swamiji

God's Grace

“Make every day a holy day; start every day with prayer. Fill every day with prayer. End every day with prayer.”

“Do divine! Be divine! It is not enough just to be divine; one must also do divine.”

“Travel light on your journey in life. Your desires and expectations are heavy baggage, which slow you down and thwart your progress. Let them go.”

“Live in PEACE, not in pieces. If you are in peace, you will exude peace, manifest peace, and spread peace. If you’re in pieces, you will manifest pieces and spread pieces.”

“The ‘I’ is the cause of all our problems. It is a wall, a barrier between us and others. Learn to bend the ‘I’ and make it a bridge.”

“WE MUST LEARN to give, give, and give like the sun, and like Mother Ganga, with no hesitation, no expectation, no vacation, and no discrimination.”

“The best way to honor God in our lives is through serving humanity.”

“Meditation is the best medication for all agitations.”

“If we want to be torchbearers of peace, we must first become rivers of love, dousing all flames of discord in the waters of our own compassion and serenity.”

“We must learn to be noiseless amid the noise.”

“Life is about the journey, not the destination. Live in heaven now. Don’t wait for it to come later. Live in moksha (liberation) now. Don’t wait for death.”

“Forgive, forget, and move forward. This is the only way. It is not enough to forgive and forget. One must also move on.”

“One of the keys to a spiritual path is to annihilate the ego, to become humble, to surrender oneself to God.”

“If we set the divine example, others will follow.”

“Prayer is calling back home. It brings us into divine connection.”

“If you cannot be huggy-huggy (full of love) here are Earth, do not expect that hugs will be waiting for you in heaven, learn to be huggy-huggy here on Earth first and then this Earth will become your heaven.”


Namaste, world.











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