Sister Lucy’s Light (Poem)

Sr. Lucy’s nursing home took photos of residents holding up messages to give hope to people during the pandemic.

I wrote a poem to honor and remember my friend and mentor, Sister Lucy Bruskiewicz. She died on Monday, March 28, 2022.

Sister Lucy’s Light
March 2022

Sister Lucy’s heart is beauty and light.
She gives and gives to her divine delight.
The light will continue in the hearts of many.
Her spiritual work endures a plenty.

Honoring many paths, making each bright.
She holds the candle with intuitive sight.
With God walking by her side,
A path of light illuminates her stride.

Sister Lucy’s light guides you and me.
Her presence shows us how to be free.
She has loving light in her eyes.
That’s because she’s eternally wise.

- GG