Einstein’s Formula

Einstein’s Formula

There’s a lot of transition in the world on all levels. It’s easy to feel stressed. However, we can take action to improve the energy in our bodies.

Yesterday I took a workshop with Omar (Omar’s Touch Therapy Inc), who is an Einstein Energy Healer. He has a fascinating way to look at stress in the body. He combines several modalities in his healing sessions.

The basic Einstein formula that he works with is E=mc2. The “E” is energy flowing (like water), lower case “m” is for stagnant energy, lower case “c” represents higher power (constant speed of light and access to infinite sources), and the square of “2” means power is infinite.

There are many portals in the human energetic system. We can open up the portals with acupressure, acupuncture, Reiki, yoga, qigong, Tai Chi, etc. The portals run along the meridians and chakras.

When we feel stressed, all the systems in the body become tense. However, if we can learn to relax, then we release what Omar calls “stress-energy units.” Our energy is like a battery – it can become depleted and we can charge it.

We can increase or “charge” our energy and our cells by eating from Mother Earth, sleeping, resting, and charging up by the sun or moon. We also need supplements of multiple digestive enzymes (found in raw fruits and vegetables), vitamins, and minerals. Omar says, “We are not what we eat. We are what we assimilate.”

The good news is we live in a multidimensional world. We can create and maintain the light (energy) within us. Let go and flow!

Namaste world!