The Silver Wolf

riding a wolf

“If you can think for a moment of the outer world and the inner world as being the physical and the spiritual, both equally real and important, then you can begin to open to both simultaneously.”  – Barbara H. Davis

A week ago I had a dream of riding on the back of a silver wolf. The wolf was larger than most wolves. I held onto his nape as we rode through the forest. We were running in darkness, and I could not see the trees. I remember holding on tight to his silver fur – everything else was a blur.

I asked myself, “Why did I dream of riding a wolf?” I was going to look up wolf mythology, but I decided to interpret the dream myself.

I remember the feelings. There was an urgency as we rode – like something was chasing us. I remember feelings of kinship with the wolf – like we were old friends. I trusted the wolf and I had no fear while I was riding him.

The wolf symbolizes strength, protection, and transformation. The wolf can empower others. When I rode the wolf, we became a team. In my dream, it was natural to ride a wolf.

Riding into the unknown is how I felt as I rode on the back of the wolf. I was not apprehensive. I was trusting. Riding the wolf is like life. I need to trust the journey. I may not know where I am going but I hold on for dear life.

I believe the wolf the came into my subconscious mind to remind me of my connection to the wolf. I can become like the wolf. I connect to the land and also to the sky.


For each creature, there seems to be a mundane life – but this is where I make the mistake. There is a mystical side to every living thing. As a human being, my body connects to the earth and my mind connects to the sky. The God essence resides in every living creature.

I had another vision of the silver wolf during a meditation. The wolf and I were walking in the woods – side by side. I felt companionship with the wolf. I felt like the wolf cared about me.

In this world of indifference, it is important to care for people. When you care about someone it shows real love from the heart. Everyone on the earth, can find the wolf as an example of loyalty, companionship, and a caring heart.

Oh Silver Wolf,

let me ride your true nature.

We ride into the light of love.

You care for me in ways I have unknown.

Your loyalty is eternal.

Walking side by side,

you are the shadow I have earned.

– GG

Wolf by Brenna3

Namaste, world.





















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