Being Anonymous


I exist, and I do not exist. I am anonymous. Knowing that I am a transient being helps me to see that I am a visitor on this planet. Most human beings on this earth do not even know that I exist! And this is okay with me. Being anonymous creates freedom in my mind and spirit. There is nothing to attach to in this life.

What happens when there is no attachment? There is expansion – like the universe. There are so many possibilities in life.


Being anonymous helps me to live the way I think is right. I can live an authentic life and strive for goodness. I am responsible for myself. And when this life is complete, I will move on to the next journey.

Being anonymous creates a whole new reality. I am less worried about what people think about me. And the truth is that most of the time they do not think about me – they think about themselves. People live in their mini-worlds.

Being anonymous helps me to be egoless. When I am egoless, I am expansive. I have no attachment to acknowledgement, self-importance, or pride. When I am anonymous, I become the observer. I am no longer the “actor” in life. The observer accepts things as they are.

I exist and I do not exist.

I am but I am not.

I am here nor I am there.

But I am anonymous.

5th Dimensional Earth

Namaste, world.

Happy New Year!






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