Waheguru has many meanings. It can refer to the almighty God or supreme soul. It is a mantra chanted in Kundalini yoga – that is used to elevate the spirit. Waheguru also means wondrous enlightener.

When I say, “Waheguru,” I acknowledge the eternal present moment. It’s not just the present moment, but the exact moment. After I am mindful of the moment, I say to myself, “Wow! I am still alive.” Living moment to moment has taught me to be where I am and appreciate my aliveness.

Challenges in life will enter into my present moment. But then when that moment or moments are gone, I can see that my life has changed again. I try not to carry on the burden of past moments, although they like to hang out in my mind. I realize that I am okay. I take full responsibility for my actions in life. I am not perfect – so I need to be a guru to myself to mindfully see that I can choose a path and go forward.

My Buddhist teacher, Bhante Sathi (www.triplegem.org), says that we need to be like the GPS app on our phone. We put in where we want to go and go forward. We do not go backward. We begin where we are and go towards our destination. The past is gone. Therefore, we need to start where we are.

All of your past experiences shaped who you are today. However, you are not those past experiences right now. You have changed and grown. You are a different person – just like how your body changes and your cells change.

Honor your authentic soul. Set boundaries, take care of yourself, and take care of others. I say to you, “WAHEGURU!” May you elevate your spirit, be wise, and rejoice in the present moment.

Namaste, world.

How to Co-Create with the Universe

“One of the greatest threats to full aliveness is the sleight of hand practiced by our egos and our culture to keep us from seeing things as they are. Contemplation happens any time that we catch the magician deceiving us and we get a glimpse of the truth behind the trick. Whether it is a happy truth or a hard one, that truth will always quicken our lives.” – Parker J. Palmer

With wisdom and compassion, we can accept things as they are. You were born in a human body, raised in a geographical place on earth, and given a culture to shape who you are. Life is an experience. But the magic happens when we co-create with the universe.

How can you co-create with the universe?

  1. Use creative visualization – use your imagination to create what you want in your life. Use a vision board to activate your goals. For example, use a 8.5 x 11 cardstock paper, cut out pictures from a magazine or print photos from your computer that align with your goals, and use words and phrases.
  2. Use hypnosis. After reading, The Most Beautiful: My Life with Prince by Mayte Garcia, I know that Prince used hypnosis to tap into his subconscious mind. No one can ever be like Prince. However, I find it interesting that he used hypnosis.
  3. Learn to trust your inner self. Sharpen your intuition through meditation, pranayama, chanting, music/sound therapy, Reiki, and yoga. Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple computers, used Zen meditation to tap into his intuition and creative mind.
  4. Go with the flow. My Buddhist teacher Bhante Sathi says we should enjoy every aspect of our lives – even the things that we do not want to do.
  5. Use the power of prayer. Prayer invokes your goodwill and intention.
  6. Trust the universe. Yes, the universe is made of energy and we can tap into that energy. However, Dr. Ken Dychtwald states, “There is actually no such thing as pure energy or pure matter. Every aspect of the universe seems neither to be a thing or no-thing, but rather exists as a kind of vibrational or energetic expression.” I use Reiki to connect with universal energy and build trust.

Watch for synchronicities in your life. The universe will speak to you.

Namaste, world.

Communication with Family Members

Throat Chakra

Every word that we speak, or sound that we make, sets in motion either harmony or discord in our lives. – Laurel Elizabeth Keyes

Springtime marks new beginnings in the cycle of life. Last night I thought about all the changes happening in my family’s life. My mom is moving into an apartment and my older daughter is going into an addiction treatment center. It is so easy to get tangled into the lives of my family members.

It can be stressful trying to help my family. I want what is best for them. However, there is an element of surrender in the process. I need to “see how the cards are played.” My family members have their own lives to live. I want to protect them – and I will try my best to guide them. I need to find the balance of helping them and taking care of myself.

It is easy to try to control situations, especially with my mom who is getting older. My Buddhist teacher Bhante Sathi (www.triplegems.org) says we need mindfulness and compassion when we help our family members. We need to communicate with our heart – this is very important. We need to be mindful of our words.

Other important factors of mindful communication with our family members include deep listening, respect, and love. Be aware of the tone of your voice. Anodea Judith & Selene Vega in their book, “The Sevenfold Journey: Reclaiming Mind, Body & Spirit Through the Chakras” says, “The more we enter into resonance with our internal rhythms the more easily we can strike up resonance with another and have clear and profound communication. Next time you are struggling with difficult communication, pay attention to the rhythms of speech between you and your partner and see if you can develop a resonance to help the communication process.”

Resonance is the quality in a sound of being deep, full, and reverberating. It can also mean an intensification of vocal tones during articulation, as by the air cavities of the mouth and nasal passages. At the end of this blog post is a simple toning exercise that you can do to increase your resonance. (The lady in the video can let her breath out for a long time. Don’t worry. Just take another breath.)

Another part of communication is to tell the truth. This can be challenging. According to Dr. Brenda Davies, “Truth which is not simply a collection of static facts, but a living, developing, dynamic process.” It takes courage the speak the truth.

Davies continues to say, “As long as we responsibly share our own truth and are willing to hear that of other people, then there is ongoing evolution throughout the universe.

This prompts us to hold the truth lightly and with flexibility, being willing to look at new facts and concepts in order to incorporate them into our lives.”

I am a little scared to speak the truth to my mother and daughter. There is so much that I want to say, but I need to find the right time to express myself. I know that emotions bubble up and I need to be brave. I need to trust the universe and have flexibility in my mind and emotions.

Namaste, world.