Cup of Life

Cup of Life – Pencil drawing by GG

I think the world should ask the woman what she wants with her reproduction. Why? Because she holds the chalice. She decides when to drink from the cup of life.

The womb is sacred. It sits deep into the pelvic girdle – where the sacral and root chakra spin.

All life is a gift from God, and all humans are divine. But God gifted the chalice to women.

The female body has been on my mind lately. And I think it’s because of the collective energy surrounding Roe v. Wade. I had so much energy that I needed to draw (and I usually don’t draw anything).

Now I understand that there’s an awakening happening with the female body. For so many years, we didn’t question the female reproductive system.

New revelations are coming out about our true Origin. It is time for women to take back their personal and collective power. However, this time women and men will find balance.

We can move toward Heaven on Earth – this is our destiny. Twin forces that come together!

Each child born to a woman who says yes to life has the greatest gift of all – a chance to live in a new awareness and new love.

We must love each other. It is the only way.

Yin, Yang, and the Gateway – Pencil drawing by GG
The Holy Grail – The Chalice