God Bless Your Marriage (Poem)

My husband and I attended my best friend’s wedding in Florida a few days ago. I wrote a poem for her and her new husband.

As I wrote the poem, I realized how it applies to all marriages. The poem tells us we can start something new. It’s never too late to forgive and try again. The most important part is to show how much we’ve grown.

No marriage can last without integrity. Integrity means being honest and having high moral principles. Love is the way to purify the heart. Meditation can purify the mind.

Marriage is challenging – but it can offer many opportunities for spiritual growth. Each person is responsible for themselves. But, as a couple, it’s crucial to show love, commitment, and support.

Here is the poem:

God Bless Your Marriage
A Poem for Sarah & Dan
March 2022

Love gives you another chance.
Embrace each other for life’s dance.
Play your cards right.
Keep integrity in sight.

Create something new.
Let it show how much you grew.

With gentle love,
And with God’s help above,
Step into your faithful carriage -
Because God will bless your marriage.

- GG