The Gift of Being a Woman

God wants women to be on earth. We are part of life and embody virtue and sacredness. No one and nothing can take that away. No suppression, or oppression, or aggression can stop the goodness of women.

Most religious texts leave out half of the population – as if women do not exist. Also, women are seen as less than men. Male children are favored over female children. It goes on and on.

Some religions celebrated the femininity – like Egyptian and Pagan religions. It is a fact that women are better humans than men in all aspects of life. Women, unlike men, do not need to hide behind religion to be great.

It is a gift to be a woman. As a spiritual being, the ascension to enlightenment can be accelerated because of the trials and tribulations of living life as a woman. Life is more difficult for a woman than it is for a man. The spiritual lessons that we learn are not done in vain.

Every religious path is open to women – whether it is recognized or not. No one can take away a woman’s yearning to learn about the spiritual life. If her heart beats with love and her mind shines with wisdom, she will excel in the eyes of God.

Namaste, world.