The Breath of Life

I am paying more attention to my breath now that I have to wear a mask for work. Masks are mandatory in Minnesota. I normally breathe deeply, so it’s difficult to breathe when I wear a mask. Many times, when I am talking (with a mask on), I get out of breath. Not good.

It’s important to breathe through your nose only (no mouth breathing – unless you have a cold). As a yoga teacher, I know how beneficial it is to breathe through the nose. The nose will warm the air, cycle the air through the labyrinth nasal cavities, and clean the air. The nose is made specifically for breathing.

Everyone must breathe through their nose – even when sleeping and exercising. Mouth breathing can cause anxiety and respiratory problems. Also, every day take a few deep breaths – especially if you have to wear a mask.

Here is a breathing technique that will help you take deep breaths:

  • Slowly breathe in and out of your nose.
  • Take a very deep breath (through your nose), and hold your breath for 5 seconds, then slowly exhale.
  • Then take 3 normal breaths (in and out through your nose).
  • Repeat the cycle a few times.

I recommend the book, “Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art,” by James Nestor. I just listened to Nestor on a podcast. It’s fascinating to hear about his research on the breath. I ordered the book.

Be well, friends.

Namaste, world.

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