Guided Beach Visualization for Relaxation (20 minutes)

With guided visualizations, you can participate in two ways: receptive or active. When you are receptive, you listen without creating images in your mind. And when you are active, you create images in your mind and follow the details of the visualization. Pick one that works for you!

I recorded this guided visualization in the present moment. I did not edit it, so it’s not perfect. The music is a little loud sometimes, but I think it’s okay because the music is an important part of the journey. The music is by Jeffrey Thompson ( The music contains binaural beats – pulses that cause entrainment (like metronome synchronizations). There are several different kinds of brainwaves. The music that I used in this visualization contains alpha waves. Alpha waves promote relaxation and stress reduction. The music sounds different than regular music, and I noticed that I needed to listen to the track a few times before I adjusted to it.

Use headphones or earbuds.

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