Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prepping

Updated 3/11/2020

See Note I, II, & III*

We do not know how the coronavirus (COVID-19) will affect the United States. However, we can see the impact in China and the surrounding countries. If the coronavirus continues to get worse in the US, then we need to be prepared.

One place to start your readiness is to find information on You will find out facts about the coronavirus and learn how to stay safe. The basic prepping is to store two to three weeks’ supply of water and food just in case the state governments demand a quarantine. Also, you need to know how to protect yourself from the spread of the virus.

I plan to store at least three weeks of water and food. I think it’s a good idea to get water/Gatorade, canned goods (beans, veggies, fruits, soups), peanut butter/almond butter, rice, and things that you will eat anyways (and don’t forget food for animals). I also have “bug out” bags just in case we need to leave the house in an emergency. There’s a lot of information on the web. I like the websites:

How to Prepare for a Coronavirus Lockdown

*Make sure all family members make a habit of washing their hands when they walk into the house.

*School closings can happen without much warning.

I am a natural prepper because it’s in my blood. My dad was a prepper. We had a fallout shelter that my dad dug under the garage of our split level, 1970’s house. We had to access the bunker through the downstairs closet that was under the stairs. My dad stored boxes of powdered milk, ready meals (MRE – Meal, Ready-To-Eat), and rice. I remember going into the closet because of a tornado. I never had to go into the bunker under the garage (it was scary in there – like a cave).

My dad loved camping, so we had all the gear in case of an emergency. I, too, have camping gear (tents, sleeping bags, air mattresses, tarps, Coleman stove, etc.). I think it’s good to have survival skills too.

Photo of me camping with my family (1983).

I hope that the coronavirus comes to a halt soon, and we do not need the things we’ve stored. However, it’s better to have all the things you need instead of making a mad dash to the store. You will find many others doing last-minute shopping, and possibly spreading the virus.

Right now, it’s important to be a prepper. You will feel better knowing that you will have everything you need to stay in your house for three weeks. The coronavirus will pass eventually.

*Note I: It’s important to be aware of your psychological and emotional states. It’s easy to become obsessed with the news and media coverage about the coronavirus. Make sure to put things into perspective and give yourself a break from technology. Sometimes we are under psychological stress without realizing it. Make sure to do yoga, exercise, and eat well.

*Note II on 3/9/2020: I just found out that there is one confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) where I live. The super spreader is here. Anyone who lives in Carver County, Minnesota, prepare to take social distancing measures (especially if you are 60 years or older).

*Note III on 3/11/2020: You have two weeks to prepare before there’s a spike in coronavirus (COVID-19) cases. Remember to BE CALM. We will get through this pandemic! Take a deep breath.

May peace and hope be with the world.

Namaste, world.

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