Where am I?


Where am I?

I am on the back of a motorcycle…

I am on a massage table…

I am flying over New Zealand….

I am meditating in a temple…

From moment to moment, I am somewhere. However, my moments merge as my consciousness goes back to my past moments and jumps into my future moments. As a multi-dimensional being, I can be anywhere.

John Hagelin says, “In our quantum view of the universe, consciousness is ubiquitous. Intelligence is everywhere. And the deeper you go beneath the surface, the more intelligence, the more dynamism, the more awareness, until at the foundation of the universe there is a field of pure, abstract universal existence – universal Consciousness…the unified field.”

My mind can go to the past, and to the future, however, all I have is the present moment. Eckhart Tolle reminds me that I will die in the present moment. So it is true that I can be anywhere, but real living is in the present moment.

The mind is always looking for the next moment. To settle into the present moment is challenging for the mind. If you let your life be guided by the present moment, then you are not attached to the moments. They come and go like the breath.

The breath is a beautiful example of life and death. The life part of the breath is the inhale and the death part is the exhale. Like all things in life, there is a fading until death. Now we know that death isn’t so scary because we are part of it every moment.

So where am I?  I am where my consciousness resides.

Namaste, world.








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