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Forgiveness – The Key to Freedom

My dad died four weeks ago. One thing that I have learned so far since his death is that I need to forgive. I forgive to let go. Resentment and fear hold me back. How can I make myself light as a bird? Forgiveness.

After my dad had died, I was surprised about how people reacted. For example, all my co-workers knew that my father died, but only a few said anything to me. I understand that some people do not know what to say. So, therefore, in this case, I need to forgive people who did not acknowledge my dad’s passing.

I am learning that I have to do what is right in my heart and mind. No matter what other people are doing, I need to do what is right.

Please remember from my older post “Metta for All,” that we all need to show loving-kindness and active interest in others. When you show someone that you care about them and think about them – this is true Metta. Your presence and compassion create the spiritual leap we need as humans.

When I walk down a busy street, and I make no eye contact with other humans – this is not loving-kindness. When I walk down a street, and I make eye contact and chat with strangers – this is loving-kindness.

When my co-worker’s mother was just in the hospital, and I do not show concern or ask questions – this is not loving-kindness. When my co-worker just attended a funeral, and I express concern, ask questions, and offer help – this is loving-kindness.

Remember small gestures of kindness go a long way.

Namaste, world.






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