Guided By the Present Moment

Present Moment

Living in the present moment can transform your life. What would it be like if you have no expectations? What possibilities would open up? Can you trust yourself?

I am learning to live in the present moment. It’s not always easy since I’m a planner. Also, I noticed that I am hard on myself. I need to trust myself more. For example, one week ago, I did hospice massage for a patient that I have seen for a few months. Well, my patient’s wife walked in the room. We chatted about his massage, and then I mentioned that he’s doing well and may not continue receiving hospice services. I received this message via email from my supervisor that morning (I did not tell my patient’s wife that). My patient’s wife was clueless about the news and seemed shocked to hear it. She said that she hopes hospice services will continue.

I left that room kicking myself. I told myself, “I shouldn’t have told my hospice patient’s wife information that I don’t know if she received.” In the hospital world, everything is confidential. However, as I spoke to my patient’s wife, I was in the present moment. I had love and concern in my heart. After the conversation, I sat in my car and thought about words and messages. Maybe this information was beneficial to my patient and his wife. Maybe this information will help her be proactive.

When I live in the present moment, I need to learn to trust my words and trust my intuition. They may hold crucial information. This society locks us in with rules and customs. Society says to do this, talk this way, don’t talk like that, etc. When I honor myself and my words, I no longer fear that I am saying the wrong thing.

Namaste, world. I will be visiting New Zealand for two and half weeks. I will write more when I return mid-August.


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