The Wild Dogs of India lol



Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. – Anatole France

When I was in India in 2015, my love for animals sang loudly. I arrived in India around one in the morning. Smog and wild dogs welcomed my colleagues and me. My professor could tell that I wanted to pet the dogs, but she gave me a strict warning not to touch any dogs while in India.

I saw a lot of dogs and puppies in India. Many were thin and starving. Several litters of puppies walked around with abandon. My heart went out to each dog. I wish I could do more to help them.

I wanted to touch them, hold them, and care for them. They reminded me of my dog back at home. I love all animals fiercely, especially dogs.

Each dog was in survival mode. They looked through garbage and begged for food from people on the streets. I realize now that India can barely take care of its people much less the animals.

I took a lot of pictures when I was in India. However, I only took three pictures of dogs (two of them are included with this article). I could not capture their desolate state. I did not want to relive their suffering. Many times I just had to look away when I saw a sick or injured dog. I felt powerless and looking away is all I could do.

My heart sings for the wild dogs of India. I wish the people of India would sing to their dogs like they sing for their cows. Cows are sacred; dogs are not. Cows are sacred because they give milk, till the fields, and cow dung is a source of fuel and fertilizer. Dogs only give love and companionship. They have a way of opening one’s heart. The wild dogs of India suffer because the people of India suffer. Once there is more stability in India, the people will recognize the love and beauty of their dogs.


Namaste, world.

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