Metta for All

human beings

I like this quote written by Albert Einstein. It is true, we will never spiritually grow as a human species if we only love our circle of friends and family. I think we need to expand our thoughts and actions. On Facebook there is a quote by Coco Chanel:


The quote says, “I don’t think about you at all.” This statement is untrue. The mind thinks about EVERYTHING! As a human species, we need to stop and use our thoughts for the higher good. The ego will run with selfish thoughts.

I think the quote should say: “I care about you, and I think about you.”  This quote shows more love and concern. The quality of the quote has a higher vibration. Also, there is more inclusion. The original quote has exclusion and harshness.

In Buddhism, there is a word called, “Metta.” In English, it means “loving-kindness.” But there is another translation that has a higher spiritual resonance: “active interest in others.” When you show someone that you care about them and think about them – this is true Metta. Your presence and compassion create the spiritual leap we need as humans.

When I walk down a busy street, and I make no eye contact with other humans – this is not  Metta. When I walk down a street, and I make eye contact and chat with strangers – this is Metta.

When my coworker’s mother was just in the hospital, and I do not show concern or ask questions – this is not Metta. When my coworker just attended a funeral, and I express concern, ask questions, and offer help – this is Metta.

I  have been practicing Metta for several weeks now. My main area of focus is in my work as a massage therapist. I have taken the time to show concern and ask questions about my clients. I decided not to talk about myself unless the client asks me questions. I put my whole focus on my clients.

There are several things that I noticed when I practice Metta. First, I enjoy asking questions and getting to know my clients (many who are strangers). Second, I look forward to going to work because I am making a difference in people’s lives. And third, when I practice Metta, life is much more vibrant and loving.

May you share your Metta with all living creatures.

Namaste, world.

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