The Cosmic Dancer

cosmic dancer

I went on a shamanic journey with the drum. My intention was to meet a spiritual guide, but my shamanic journey led me to what I needed to see and experience.

I started the journey on a frozen lake near my house. I looked out, and I could see a few ice houses and some frozen fishing holes. I was wearing my purple coat, black snow pants, hat and mittens. I walked towards a chosen fishing hole. As I walked towards the hole, my clothes started to transform. My outdoor clothes changed into a long, purple gown with a hood. It also had a train – like a wedding dress. As I got closer to the fishing hole, my blonde hair turned to black and my skin to dark brown. I found the hole, broke the layer of ice with my bare fist, and I jumped in with no fear.

I swam in the icy water; sinking with until I found the latch at the bottom of the lake. I opened the latch with ease. I entered the universal space. I floated down and down. I loved being a black woman. My skin was smooth, and I felt more beautiful than ever.

I floated down until I saw a hologram of Nelson Mandela. He was playing the Djembe drum. He sat with the drum between his legs. He played and watched me.

I started to dance with the drum beat. My long dress turned into a skirt with fringes. I twirled around and around until I saw a galaxy form around my waist and skirt. I could see the planets and the stars. I continued to twirl around and around.

I received a message: All human life began from an African woman. She is the first woman. She is the most beautiful human being. She is the cosmic dancer.

dancer 5

I continued to dance until I heard the “call back” of the drum. I stopped dancing, lifted upwards through the universal space, and back to the door with the latch. I opened the latch and swam to the open hole in the ice. I lifted myself out of the hole and started to walk back home. As I walked back home, my clothes transformed into my outerwear, and I was back to myself. The journey ended.

Oh cosmic dancer…

woman made of night…

you spin creation to your delight…

the drum beat of your heart…

the blood of your life…

you twirl and swirl with pleasure.

Oh cosmic dancer…

you call all sisters and brothers…

to listen to the drum beat of the heart…

cherish the blood of life…

dance with the woman made of night.


Namaste, world.


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