Creating Space

buddhist_sand_art_13   Buddhist Monk Sand Art

I have a great need for creating inner and outer space in my life. To start creating this space, I need to clean out my past. I had written forty journals that were stacked neatly in two large boxes. I began writing in journals when I was twelve years old.

I recently decided to recycle all of my journals. I was going to burn them, but I had way too much paper. It would take me forever!

I destroyed all forty journals. They are gone. After the recycling truck had come, I asked myself, “What have I done?” A record of my life is gone forever.

I compare letting go of my journals to the creation and destruction of the Buddhist monk sand art. The Buddhist monks work diligently and carefully creating a beautiful mandala. Then once it is complete, it is ceremoniously destroyed.


The destruction of the sand art symbolizes the impermanence of life. Now that my journals are gone, I have created space to create something new…like this blog. I can be in the present moment and not tied down by my past.

My journals told a story, and the preservation of them would have created a legacy. However, I wrote with emotion, and my journals helped me let go of my feelings. I am spiritually lighter now that they are gone.

It is time for me to create a new story.

Namaste, world.

“The world is a passing phenomenon. We all belong to the world of time. Every written word, every carved stone, every painted picture, the structure of civilization, every generation of man, vanishes away like the leaves and flowers of forgotten summers. What exists is changeable and what is not changeable does not exist.” –Samyutta Nikaya Sutra

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