Prayer for Wisdom, by Jose Luis Stevens

Prayer for Wisdom

Great Spirit
I have learned much during my life so far
I know and understand how to do many things
Thank you for making me intelligent
Thank you for giving me the opportunities to learn
Thank you for all the things you have exposed me to
I know that being intelligent doesn’t make me wise
Nor does being educated in a conventional way
I desire to be a wise person in addition to being smart
I desire to be wise in all ways as you are
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to become wise
Thank you for helping me to listen more
To watch more
To withhold my judgment longer
To speak the truth as I know it with courage
Thank you Great Spirit for access to wise people
Thank you for providing me with nature to learn from
Thank you for helping me to remain silent for longer periods of time
So that I can contemplate and hear you speak to me
I know that wisdom does not come all at once
I am listening
I will listen
I am becoming wise
Because you are all wise
And you are my source
You are within me
I have access to you at all time
I realize from my vantage point
That I know very little
Yet you are teaching me daily about what has heart and meaning
Great spirit I open my heart to you
I open my heart to experience
Thank you for helping me to withhold judgment
To see with clarity
To understand without confusion
To perceive with accuracy
To be insightful and filled with awareness
Thank you for making me a wise person
So that I may be generous and serve
So that I may make a contribution
And fulfill my life task work
Yes, with you in me, I am wise