Your Wildest Dreams are Doable

On this evening of a full moon, I can feel the potential of a new reality. I ask myself, “What is my wildest dream?” I use my imagination to see “pictures” of my wildest dream. I can see myself traveling to strange and exciting lands, connecting with people all over the world. I can see and feel the energy of all living things – especially the spirit of horses – I am like a “horse whisperer.” I can see myself riding my horse “Black Knight” like a carefree Goddess.

The world is different because of my understanding of energy. Everything is alive with its vibration and light. I fear nothing, and I have special powers to jump great distances and even fly. I play my flute to please the unseen spirits. I laugh with joy because I know the secrets.

Life is a journey, and my teachers step forward to guide me. I can time travel and travel to worlds unknown to my present reality. I continue to learn because I want to discover myself over and over again. I am the “star” of my show.

Yoga shows me how to open my Chakras and expand my energy. I see myself going beyond my current limitations. I am a Yogi throughout my lifetimes. In my “wildest dream,” I visit sacred locations all over the world.

I am pure love and compassion. I have recovered my true value, and I am ready to help anyone when needed. I unite with the oneness of everything! In my dream, there is harmony in the Universe.

You and I are multidimensional beings. Come dream with me.

Everything to be imagined is an image of truth. – William Blake

Namaste, world.

Third Eye OPEN!

third eyeMy recent exploration is working with my third eye. Every night I rub essential oils on my third eye point (the middle of my forehead). I want to open my third eye.

I am following my intuition. I even connect with material things on an intuitive level. As a hospice massage therapist, sometimes I have room in my schedule to see one more patient at the end of the day. When this happens, I say to myself, “I will use my intuition.” Sometimes the answer doesn’t come right away. So I put the decision into my car. The car will lead me intuitively to see a patient or not.

My vibration connects with material things. My car becomes an extension of me. Anything that I touch, I can connect with on an energetic level. As a massage therapist, I wash my hands a lot. When the water touches my hands, I ask the water to bless my hands. Water is alive.


I am connected to you – my dear reader. I am sending you loving energy to make you feel alive.

Ankh_My third eye is opening! Sometimes I envision a beam of white light coming out of my third eye. I can feel myself changing every day. The third eye is the key to life. The third eye lets you see what your physical eyes do not allow you to see.

When the third eye opens, a whole new reality presents itself. I understand so much more about life. Like steps on a ladder, I gain higher and higher consciousness.


Namaste, world.