What is your Dream?

The following is a commentary from the movie, “Healing the Luminous Body: The Way of the Shaman.” The movie can be seen on Amazon (rent or buy).

Watch Healing the Luminous Body: The Way of the Shaman with Alberto Villoldo | Prime Video (amazon.com)

We are born in this lifetime – along with the conditions, social rules, and culture. However, we need to break out of the cultural trance. We are luminous, eternal beings who live in the matrix or dream world. Alberto Villoldo, a psychologist and shaman, says, “We dream the world into being.”

All of us need to dream a dream of healing, beauty, and peace. We need to create a sacred, safe world. We cannot survive physically, emotionally, or spiritually if we do not feel safe. Our rainbow body (our Chakras) must be balanced to fully feel alive.

We must learn to work with the healing energy – it is then that we touch infinity and transformation. We need to open up like tuning forks and allow ourselves to vibrate with love and compassion.

Right now, we are bombarded by messages about what is going on in the world. We need to be informed, but we must not let it dominate our lives. As soon as we react to what is going on, we lose our higher consciousness.

If we are going to evolve as eternal beings, we must participate in our evolution by envisioning a future healed state of the earth. We can use destiny retrieval to travel into the future and heal what must be healed – tapping into quantum physics. This “seeing” is part of the renewed, human consciousness.

May we be blessed on our journeys. May we be the healers and the teachers that we so desperately need right now. May we have strong hearts.

Namaste, world.

Angel Message 397

Several nights ago, an angel appeared in my dream. In my dream, I was on a trip. I don’t know where, but I remember traveling. I was in a hotel room by myself at night. I remember the room filling with an odorless smoke. Then a young angel emerged from the smoke. She had long brown hair and a cream-colored gown. She said to me, “It is time to train others.” I responded, “But I am still in training.” Then the angel disappeared, and I woke up from the dream.

According to Gustavus Hindman Miller, the author of 10,000 Dreams Interpreted, “to dream of angels, is prophetic of disturbing influences in the soul. It brings a changed condition of the person’s lot.” I have more questions than answers. Should I start teaching classes or take someone under my mentorship? Or do I continue my spiritual training and train others? Or is my subconscious mind connecting with my upcoming trip?

Life is training, and Earth is our school. We cannot forget subtle divine interventions. We get so wrapped up in our thoughts, that it’s easy to forget the mysteries in life. As Christmas approaches, it is a good time to remember angels.

An angel is a spiritual being who is an agent or messenger of God, represented in human form with wings and a long robe. In the Bible, an angel appeared to Mary, to Joseph, and the shepherds. Many religions around the world believe in angels.

Angels call us to be angels on earth. We need to help each other as much as possible. Let your heart guide you. Also, angels remind us to be grateful for our lives. We are here to learn and grow as spiritual beings. It is not always easy. Life can feel lonely at times, but we are never truly alone. Our guardian angels are watching us and guiding us.

Namaste, world.

Sweet Words

Girl dreaming

I had a very unusual experience that happened to me last week. During my sleep, I heard a voice speak to me. The female voice said, “Thank you for your sweet words.” I did not have any dream-like images, just the verbal message. The message was from my hospice patient Jennifer. I found out the next morning, after waking up and checking my work email messages, that Jennifer died.

I remember the feelings of Jennifer’s message during my sleep. I felt warmth and friendship. I felt sincerity and comfort, like a big hug. Jennifer’s message touched my heart and confirmed my calling to work with hospice patients.

Jennifer died of breast cancer. A few days before her death, I spent time with her and her family. As a hospice massage therapist, I gently massaged Jennifer’s hands and feet. Her husband and two sisters joined me as everyone lightly touched Jennifer.  The family reminisced about Jennifer’s past. They were eager to show me pictures of Jennifer. I remember saying, “Jennifer is beautiful.” Also, I told her husband that he was doing a great job caring for his wife. I made sure my words were full of appreciation, encouragement, and love.

In my dream, I knew it was Jennifer’s voice that sent me the message. As I was preparing to leave after my visit with Jennifer, I held her hand, and I said, “God bless you.” And she said “God bless you” back to me. I remember the sound of her voice. She didn’t speak a word during the whole time that I was there, so I was surprised to hear her voice so clearly.

Photo by Gina M. Gafford

Remember words have power. Words carry vibration and energy.  Ask yourself, “Are my words beneficial to the listener? Do my written words benefit the reader?” Speak and write from your heart.

The message from Jennifer is a gift. She expressed gratitude, and I must have touched her soul; literally. Joy fills my heart, and I am thankful for the gift of her presence.

Namaste, world.

Astral Dreaming


I had a strange dream a few nights ago. In this dream, I didn’t know if I was awake or not. I was typing on my computer. Everything seemed normal but then I realized that something wasn’t right. I wasn’t awake. So I walked back into my bedroom and saw my body laying in a fetal position with my back along the edge of the bed. I saw my blonde curly hair. In my dream, I panicked a little because I realized I wasn’t in my body. I said out load in my dream, “I will be right there.” I gently merged with my body, as I laid back down. Then I shook my head to wake up.

I experienced another astral dream a couple of weeks ago. Again, I thought I was awake. My dream seemed like ordinary time. I let the dog outside, and then I realized that maybe I was still dreaming. I couldn’t open my eyes fully – this was a clue. And, sure enough, I was still dreaming. I walked back into my bedroom and laid down into my body.

In both dreams, I felt like I was two people or two entities. I was a body and a spirit. These dreams have significant spiritual meaning for me. I am more than my body – that is for sure!

According to Wikipedia, astral projections or astral travel is a willful out-of-body experience. Also, it assumes the existence of a soul or consciousness called an “astral body” that is separate from the physical body.

Also, according to yogapedia.com, awareness of the astral body is believed to be stimulated by meditation, shamanic practices, lucid dreaming and certain drugs. This statement makes sense to me because I have increased my mediation practice to every day. Maybe I am making deeper spiritual connections.


Last night I was a little afraid that I might have another astral dream. To be honest, I don’t like astral dreaming because they freak me out a little. I am not a skilled astral dreamer – it’s definitely out of my comfort zone! I know that I can learn from the experience, and I have a new perspective of who I am as a spiritual being. Also, I have contemplated the meaning of these dreams, and I am no longer afraid of death.

As I recall these dreams in my mind, I see that they were amazing. After my recent astral dream, I had to question whether I was still dreaming. I had to gently slap my cheek a few times to make sure that I was awake! It makes me question reality. What is reality? Is life just one big dream?

I had these dreams, but it is important that I am not attached to them. I need to let them go. These dreams helped me to awaken my spiritually. They remind me not to get stuck in earthly matters. My spiritual development is my most important task here on earth.

My most important goals on earth:

  1. Develop compassion and increase loving-kindness to all beings
  2. Understand impermanence, and live in the present moment
  3. See God in all beings
  4. Meditate and do yoga every day
  5. Feel and express gratitude
  6. Speak or write with a message that is beneficial to the listener or reader
  7. Be mindful of everything, and become a wise human being
  8. Develop the courage to face life’s challenges
  9. Forgive people who have hurt me
  10. Have good intentions

My astral dreams helped me connect to my spirituality and life goals. I see a change in my life because of my night dreams. I do not need to fear my dreams. I trust that I will always wake up.


Namaste, world.













Fluid Emotions


Last night I had the most amazing dream. I dreamt that I was breathing underwater. I was about 20 feet under water. I remember the water being very clear, and I could see the surface of the water. While I was floating, I saw two other human beings. They were floating near each other while I was floating away from them. I was so excited that I could breathe under water! While I was breathing, one of the human beings told me that I would die if I continue to breathe the water. I didn’t listen to the human, and slowly a bright light started to descend into the water. It was a beautiful white light. As it saturated the water, I realized I was dying, and I woke up from the dream.

So what does this dream mean? According to gotohoroscope.com: To dream that you can breathe underwater also shows that you have obtained complete mastery over your emotions. Many times in dreams the sea or the ocean or any body of water will be representative of your emotional state. When you are on a boat, you are showing that you have the ability to navigate through all of your complex emotional responses. However, when you are swimming in the water and don’t even need a boat, then this suggests that you have an even greater mastery than could have previously been seen. You are extremely in touch with yourself. (See more at: http://www.gotohoroscope.com/txt/dream-dictionary-breathing-underwater.html).

I agree with the above statement. I feel like I am in touch with myself and my emotions. I can experience my emotions, and then let them go. In the past, I was so judgmental about my emotions. In my mind, I think I should have felt this way….or I should not have shown a particular emotion to someone. Now I realize at that moment; I felt that way. I am responsible for my feelings. Therefore, if I didn’t hurt anyone, I can let them go.

I like the quote from, Awaken Joy, by James Baraz: “I’ve see the Dalai Lama get very serious, even cry, upon hearing about a tragedy and then, as the subject changes, laugh a few minutes later. His complete openness to the sorrows of the world lets him also be touched by delight, goodness, and joy when these arise.”

I was glad to read that even the Dalai Lama will cry sometimes. The Dalai Lama is fluid with his emotions; without being attached to them. He is present moment by moment.

Here is a mindful approach to working with difficult emotions (taken from Awakening Joy, by James Baraz):

RAIN -When you are in the midst of a strong emotion, take a few moments to try this approach:

  • Recognize what you are feeling and name it (label it). Anger, fear, sadness, confusion?
  • Allow the feelings to be present, without pushing them away and without getting lost in them.
  • Investigate the feelings in your body and mind. Where in your body do you feel it? How does it feel in your mind – heavy, tight, open, agitated?
  • Non-identification is the key to freeing yourself from the emotion’s grip. What you are feeling is a human emotion that arises and passes away. It does not define who you are.

Namaste, world.