No Blind Eye

Do not turn a blind eye to what is going on in the world. You must be aware and awake! Use your intuition and intelligence to do what is right in your heart.

This morning, during my Qigong practice, I extended my prayers to include Gandhi. I asked him to give me strength, creative wit, and the power of activism. Gandhi is an excellent example of how one person can make a difference in the world. I believe we can connect with the energy of these spirits.

I remember reading about activism online. Right now, we are going through turbulent times with the pandemic and vaccines. Either we do nothing, or we do something to make things better. Do you want to tell your grandchildren or great-grandchildren that you just sat around and did nothing during a pandemic/world crisis?

Several months ago, I started sending letters to local businesses. The first letters were about HIPAA laws and not to ask people about vaccines. Now I’m writing letters not to mandate the vaccines. I am following my heart, and I know I can make a difference.

You can make a difference in your community! Use your online platform, talk to your local leaders, write letters, make phone calls, join groups! Anything!

Namaste, world.