The Prepared Mind

About a week ago, I had a dream that I was in India, having lunch with an Indian woman. The woman asked me, “What are you going to do for your community?” I decided to blog about getting your home prepared. But what about the prepared mind?

On Facebook, several people expressed that they are getting depressed about the whole COVID-19 pandemic. They are tired of wearing masks, social distancing, and having so many new rules.

So how can you protect yourself from depression and prepare your mind during this pandemic? First of all, it’s spiritual preparation. You can create a strong mind by going within yourself. Get to know yourself through meditation.

What other ways can you become spiritually prepared? Pray, volunteer to help others, set good intentions for yourself and all living creatures (do the loving-kindness meditation), journal, read the sutras or religious scripture.

Also, remember the power of love. Keep running love energy (not fear energy).

Here is a great article by Mayo Clinic about building a spiritual life during COVID-19:

Namaste, world.

Silence and Space

“If you take some time to formally practice meditation, there is a lot of silence and space. Meditation practice itself is a way to create gaps. Every time you realize you are thinking and you let your thoughts go, you are creating a gap. Every time the breath goes out, you are creating a gap. You may not always experience it that way, but the basic meditation instruction is designed to be full of gaps. If you don’t fill up your practice time with your discursive mind, with your worry and obsessing and all that kind of thing, you have time to experience the blessing of your surroundings. You can just sit there quietly. Then maybe silence with dawn on you, and the sacredness of space will penetrate.” – Pema Chodron

Be Prepared (COVID-19)

Last night I had a dream that I was practicing yoga with Buddhist monks. During the yoga practice, the lead monk told me to see myself floating. I tried my hardest to levitate, but I couldn’t do it. According to 10,000 Dreams Interpreted, by Gustavus Hindman Miller, “To dream of floating, denotes that you will victoriously overcome obstacles which are seemingly overwhelming.” I did not float in the dream – I tried to. So, that means I still have to overcome some obstacles.

Then my dream skipped to a place in India. I saw a great building that was over a mile long. Inside the building, I met an Indian woman. We sat down for lunch. She asked me, “What are you going to do for your community?” I didn’t answer her – instead, I woke up from the dream.

When I woke up, the dream was on my mind. Mostly my curiosity about levitation and what I can do for my community. I realized that this blog is one way I can help my community. So, today’s blog encourages everyone to prepare for uncertainty.

On my March 16, 2020 blog post, I said, “It is amazing how life can change so quickly.” In a few months, life can change again. It’s good to prepare or keep preparing.

Here is a home checklist summary (from

Be well. Namaste, world.

If I had my Life to Live Over

“If I had my Life to Live Over, ” by Nadine Starr at age 85

I’d dare to make more mistakes next time. I’d relax. I would limber up. I would be sillier than I have been this trip.

I would take fewer things seriously. I would take more chances. I would take more trips. I would climb more mountains and swim more rivers. I would eat more ice cream and less beans. I would perhaps have more actual troubles, but I’d have fewer imaginary ones.

You see, I’m one of those people who live sensibly and sanely…hour after hour, day after day. Oh, I’ve had my moments and if I had it to do over again…I’d have more of them. In fact, I’d try to have nothing else, just moments, one after another, instead of living so many years ahead of each day.

I’ve been one of those persons who never goes anywhere without a thermometer, a hot water bottle, a raincoat, and an umbrella. If I had to do it again, I would travel lighter than I have.

If I had my life to live over, I would start barefoot, earlier in the Spring and stay that way far into the Fall.

I would go to more dances. I would ride more merry-go rounds. I would pick more daisies. – Nadine Starr

Guided Beach Visualization for Relaxation (20 minutes)

With guided visualizations, you can participate in two ways: receptive or active. When you are receptive, you listen without creating images in your mind. And when you are active, you create images in your mind and follow the details of the visualization. Pick one that works for you!

I recorded this guided visualization in the present moment. I did not edit it, so it’s not perfect. The music is a little loud sometimes, but I think it’s okay because the music is an important part of the journey. The music is by Jeffrey Thompson ( The music contains binaural beats – pulses that cause entrainment (like metronome synchronizations). There are several different kinds of brainwaves. The music that I used in this visualization contains alpha waves. Alpha waves promote relaxation and stress reduction. The music sounds different than regular music, and I noticed that I needed to listen to the track a few times before I adjusted to it.

Use headphones or earbuds.

Life is an Adventure

A life full of adventure comes with a good dose of uncertainty – that’s what makes life exciting! Yes, it feels scary, but you can use the strength of your mind to see the situation differently. It is easy to slip into self-doubt and fear, especially in times of change and turmoil. The mind likes to hold onto old soundtracks. However, now you must use your mind to go beyond your perceived limitations.

When you get scared, the walls start to close around you. You need to break down those walls! REMEMBER YOU ARE AN ETERNAL HUMAN BEING! Your current life is ONE journey of many.

Do you think you are unimportant and insignificant? The Dalai Lama says, “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” You are powerful, and you make a difference in the lives of the people, animals, and living creatures around you.

When you toss a rock into the pond, it creates ripples in the water. Your love and energy does the same thing – creates outward ripples affecting many, many people.

So this place of meeting our edge, of accepting the present moment and the unknown, is a very powerful place for those who wish to awaken and open their heart and mind. – Pema Chodron

Here are some affirmations to increase your confidence, inner strength, and self-esteem:

  • I accept myself completely here and now.
  • I love myself completely as I am.
  • I accept all my feelings as part of myself.
  • I am kind and loving, and I have a great deal to share with others.
  • I meditate every day to create a calm and peaceful mind.
  • I am strong, and I won’t give up.
  • I am beautiful and lovable.
  • I trust in the Universe (or God).
  • I am thankful for everything in my life.
  • I am talented, intelligent, and creative.
  • New opportunities will come into my life.
  • I am aware of my thoughts and actions.
  • My wisdom is growing every day.
  • I love the world, and the world loves me.

Namaste, world.

Resilience in Changing Times

“The American Heritage Dictionary defines resilience as ‘the ability to recover quickly from illness, change, or misfortune to retain its original shape.’ But is this always true?

What about those times when recovery will require more of us than simply snapping back into our original shape – those times when the transformation will be deep and painful and profound?

Misfortune strips away our illusions that we can be smart enough, good enough, lucky enough to get through life untouched. Spiritual growth is not about learning how to obtain only that which we would prefer for ourselves. The true purpose of spiritual training is to unclog the channels that connect us to divine love.

Mystic philosopher Aldous Huxley explains that to do so, we must take on the task of engaging with the circumstances of our lives – no matter how trivial or threatening – without malice, greed, or voluntary ignorance. Rather, we must rise to the challenges that arise moment by moment with love, courage, and understanding. We must search our souls for hidden resistance, pockets of arrogance and selfishness.” – Carol Orsborn, The Art of Resilience: 100 Paths to Wisdom and Strength in an Uncertain World

Light and Love of Protection

My oldest daughter considers herself as an empath. She is sensitive to the mental or emotional states of people. She is also very intuitive. Lately, with the pandemic, my daughter feels so much fear from people. I told my daughter that she needs to protect herself.

Humans are walking antennas. We give and receive information through human communication, vibration, and energy fields. There are many ways to protect ourselves, but I am going to present three ways:

  1. Visualize a white light or a golden cloud surrounding your body – like an aura protection field. If you want, you can visualize God, your angels, spirit guides, or loved ones – blessing you, protecting you, and guiding you. The best time to shield your aura is in the morning, right after you wake up.
  2. Another way is through mediation. Meditation generates positive energy and creates a strong mind, which can protect you.
  3. Love is your armor. If something disturbs you, send it love. Author Tara Brach says, “Even a few moments of offering loving-kindness can reconnect you with the purity of your loving heart.”

Namaste, world.

Affirmations for Expansion (COVID-19)

The current pandemic is an opportunity to expand ourselves. How can we change our limited thinking? We have two choices, we can stay stuck in our “old” ways, or we can create new ways. We can increase our creativity by facing our fears, releasing them, and expanding our minds.

Here are some affirmations for expansion:

  • I’m glad I was born, and I love being alive.
  • I am relaxed and centered.
  • I am safe and healthy.
  • My intellect and intuition are increasing every day.
  • I am now creating my life exactly as I want it.
  • The present moment opens up new opportunities.
  • I am an open channel for love and creative energy.
  • I expand my mind to see things that I did not see before.
  • Creative ideas and inspiration are coming to me every day.
  • My inner wisdom is guiding me.
  • The light within me is creating miracles in my body, mind, and spirit, here and now.
  • God is showing me the way.

Namaste, world.