Thoughts are Energy

Thoughts are energy. I’ve noticed my thoughts a lot more lately. As a spiritual being, I know that my thoughts shape my life. Thoughts create my reality, and affect people too; especially my family, friends, co-workers, and patients.

energy thoughts 2

During my work as a hospice massage therapist, I am aware of my thoughts when I work with my patients. I try to stay in the present moment and keep my thoughts positive. If my mind wanders too much, then I silently repeat the universal sound, Om. In my blog post, “The Magic of Om,” explains the importance of Om. It mentions that chanting Om increases synchronicity of particular biorhythms in the brain. My mind doesn’t wander when I chant Om, and I feel connected to the divine. Also, Om opens the third eye chakra to increase intuition and wisdom.

I work with the dying, so my thoughts are important. My patients have limited time in their body, and I am present to offer comfort and sacred space. It’s not the time to think about my schedule for the day or what I’m going to do in the evening. Also, I need to be aware of agitation or negative thoughts.

Sometimes my mind gets anxious, and I want to leave a patient’s room. It is challenging to work with people who are dying. There are a lot of emotions, and the energy in the room can be like pea soup. My most challenging times are when my patient has a lot of visitors. Many times I am the only professional in the room, so they look to me for support and comfort, and this can be stressful. Sometimes I say a short prayer before I enter my patient’s room. Silently repeating Om helps too.


So, if I am going to be the best person that I can be, I need to watch my thoughts. No one is perfect. We are human beings gifted with a full spectrum of thoughts and emotions. The rainbow doesn’t have just one color. As humans, we are colorful too. And we can use our colors to promote positive, loving, and beneficial thoughts towards ourselves and others.

Namaste, world.





Buddha’s Wisdom


The Buddha’s wisdom is knowing the right amount. It doesn’t mean knowing everything about everything, but knowing impermanence, knowing suffering, knowing selflessness. The reason we get caught up in seeing things as other than they really are is our lack of wisdom. With wisdom we know how to let go; to let go of craving, let go of clinging, let go of beliefs. We let go of the tendency to always see things in relation to a self.

What we call ‘Me’ is merely a convention; we were born without names. Then somebody gave us a name, and after being called it for a while, we start to think that a thing called ‘me and mine’ actually exists. Then we feel we have to spend our lives looking after it. The wisdom of the Buddha knows how to let go of this ‘self’ and all that pertains to it; possessions, attitudes, views, and opinions. It means letting go of the opportunity for suffering (dukkha) to arise. It means giving occasion for seeing the true nature of things.  – Ven. Pasanno

Yoga: My Anchor



Yoga is like an anchor for me. My boat (my body) is in the present; sitting on top of the water, and is exposed to the elements of life. But my anchor reaches deep into the unknown, and yet it creates stability. The depth of the water symbolizes how far I am willing to explore my spirituality. Can I work with my fears? Can I let go? Can I travel with ease and follow my intuition? I pick up my anchor and release it into the depths of mystery many times during the journey of my life.

According to Merriam-Webster, an anchor is a reliable or principal support. Yoga is a support we can depend on in our life. We need that support because the mind is like the wind. In the Bhagavad Gita, it says, “The mind is impetuous and stubborn, strong and willful, as difficult to harness as the wind. But it can be trained by constant practice and by freedom from desire.”

In the vast sea of life, the wind will push my boat around with recklessness – if I allow it. But I can become steady with my anchor, and let my sails harness the wind to direct my boat according to my plan. I will learn to ride the waves and become my own captain.

Namaste, world.