Your Wildest Dreams are Doable

On this evening of a full moon, I can feel the potential of a new reality. I ask myself, “What is my wildest dream?” I use my imagination to see “pictures” of my wildest dream. I can see myself traveling to strange and exciting lands, connecting with people all over the world. I can see and feel the energy of all living things – especially the spirit of horses – I am like a “horse whisperer.” I can see myself riding my horse “Black Knight” like a carefree Goddess.

The world is different because of my understanding of energy. Everything is alive with its vibration and light. I fear nothing, and I have special powers to jump great distances and even fly. I play my flute to please the unseen spirits. I laugh with joy because I know the secrets.

Life is a journey, and my teachers step forward to guide me. I can time travel and travel to worlds unknown to my present reality. I continue to learn because I want to discover myself over and over again. I am the “star” of my show.

Yoga shows me how to open my Chakras and expand my energy. I see myself going beyond my current limitations. I am a Yogi throughout my lifetimes. In my “wildest dream,” I visit sacred locations all over the world.

I am pure love and compassion. I have recovered my true value, and I am ready to help anyone when needed. I unite with the oneness of everything! In my dream, there is harmony in the Universe.

You and I are multidimensional beings. Come dream with me.

Everything to be imagined is an image of truth. – William Blake

Namaste, world.

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